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Scam? 03452669337

edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Budgeting & Bank Accounts
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  • Marvel1Marvel1
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    I had a phone call, 0345 something, googled it, Halifax transaction check, phoned back, turns out transaction was not me, card cancelled, new one sent.
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    Hung up my suit!
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    I never answer any call I’m not expecting and that I don’t recognise, as I’ve never had a legitimate call from my bank that wasn’t initiated by me in the first place.
    How do you know, since you don't answer them?

    I've had a call from my bank's fraud department, while I was in the process of authorising a rather large faster payment.
    I suppose you could say that I initiated it, but I wasn't expecting it, and if it had been a fraudulent payment, I would have been very glad to have had the payment blocked.
    Personally I block any number that is not in my contacts. Unknown numbers are logged and then checked. To date, I have never found a "cold caller" to be someone I need to have a conversation with.
    I've had calls from friends to whom I must have given my number, but I've forgotten to add to my phonebook. Also from a friend who changed her phone and number.
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  • pavanepavane
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    This is in the HSBC range but could be number spoofing. Do not answer. Hang up and make sure your number is disconnected from the call. Call and say hi to your mum, mate, lover or whatever. Then call the number on the back of the card and even the basic customer service will see if there is a comment or action from fraud team on your account. Core fraud team is workdays only. It's most likely failed aggressive card payments being blocked.
  • Yorkshire_PudYorkshire_Pud
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    Doctors surgeries, hospitals, local government depts, TSB OTOP etc etc use Private numbers or ones you won't recognise at times so I always answer.

    If I get a missed call I often look it up, eg today got 0800 call looked it up its ScottishPower and their wont take no for an answer regular nuisance calls for smart meters.

    Many bona fide numbers are listed as 'scams' because people think they are scams and google the number and lazily report it as a scam when its not. Although sometimes it is and sometimes its bona fide but nuisance calls from market research companies etc.

    So the number cited in this thread is a 'scam'?:(:)
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    Jami74 wrote: »
    I often don't answer calls from numbers I do not recognise. If it's important they leave a voicemail and I call them back.

    This 100%.

    If it's important then you get a voice mail. No voicemail and it's not important.:T

    If only more people did that, there would be less people scammed :D

    I make outbound call for a bank. I'm amazed at the number of people who simply go through security and never question me, or do, but only after passing security.
  • maninthestreetmaninthestreet
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    Have you actually tried calling FD to enquire if they have been trying to contact you?
    "You were only supposed to blow the bl**dy doors off!!"
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