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Sainsbury’s incorrect prices

edited 3 December 2019 at 1:31PM in Gone Off!
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  • MataNuiMataNui Forumite
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    Pretty sure the Sainsbury self service tills only apply and discounts at the end and not as the items are scanned making it difficult to check as you go. Pretty sure this is deliberate as it works very well with the frequent mis-pricing you see at this store in particular.
  • od244051od244051 Forumite
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    AndyPK wrote: »
    Never seen promonitial end dates on labels in Sainsbury’s.

    They have a small date on the larger price labels. One date being the start date and other being the end date. I know most of the time, Sainsburys offers last 3 weeks start on Wednesday. Last change was 20/11/ So think the next one is due 11/12
  • 20aday20aday Forumite
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    Appreciate it isn't down to us as customers to check the validity of an offer/promotion etc but based on my own experiences when some people are trying to do ten things at once filling a product in the wrong place can happen quite often.

    It's probably the same across all supermarkets where offers and discounts aren't calculated until you go to pay but if you tap 'sub total' when scanning it'll show them then.
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    AndyPKAndyPK Forumite
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    edited 6 December 2019 at 1:34AM
    I think there is some confusion when I say discount.

    It could be
    1 short Sell? Before date. Eg sandwich.
    2 discount to shift stock
    3 buy 3 and get a discount. Or bogof

    I am taking about 2.

    As a true mse person I buy in bulk when items are discounted and walk on by when they aren’t.
    So I frequently buy these products and know how the self service costs it usually.

    As I frequency buy these items in most cases I know what should match what label.
    Yes I did spot something on the wrong shelf which early confused me. That can be customers though.
  • od244051od244051 Forumite
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    It has happened before when I got charged full price for an item when the ticket was displaying the old price - on offer. Go to customer services and get the difference back. The shop worker on CSD explains that the offers started today and old ones finished yesterday and each time offers change, the staff have up to 7,000 tickets to change. So tickets can get lost and forgotten to change. My friend that works for Sainsburys in a large store has 10,000 price tickets to change next promo cycle!!!! There are several colleagues that do them and printed in order so only do 2 aisles each. Not like got to change a ticket in aisle 16 then another one in 29 etc,
  • AndyPKAndyPK Forumite
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    I had the same problem on the same item the previous week !
  • HonestJohnHonestJohn Forumite
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    This sort of thing is common. I now use the 'scan as you go' in most supermarkets to avoid this. I was often getting charged full price for discounted items. The staff are great at making sure the original barcode is still showing and this is nearly always picked up when scanned by the cashier.
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  • AndyPKAndyPK Forumite
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    I was about to use the scan as you go when the lady told me discounts would be shown at the end. So I didn’t bother.
    She may have meant something else.
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    General_GrantGeneral_Grant Forumite
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    edited 31 December 2019 at 11:58AM
    Just before Christmas I wanted one item - found it in a set with others and could not see single, so queued at manned check-out and price was about double the shelf-edge. So returned and found a set of 3 at different price and went to the self-checkout. This time the price was still more than the SEL. So complained to a member of staff who said it was their fault for not ensuring the things were in the right place and that I had to read the SEL (at ground level and I didn't have my reading glasses) but did find a single item elsewhere in the store which went through at the marked price. (It was actually on an unpriced hanging fixture but a similar item, not identical, had the description for what I was buying. Thus even then the display was incorrect. ) So three attempts to buy a single item. As it was just before Christmas I think most people would have been too busy and might not even notice if they were buying many other things and wanted to pack away quickly.
  • LeeUKLeeUK Forumite
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    Errors happen. They are human after all, not some super robot. The staff don't do it on purpose to try and get extra money in the till.
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