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today i have received 2 letter from MARSTON COLLECTION £98.00 AND £75.00 total £173.00
someone driving in a bus line on march 2 time. the person use my address and my company name and the main problem council never send me letter or any reinforcement letter i have registration car i never had this car on my life I HAVE BEEN VICTIM FRAUD .


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    Since we normally deal with unfair private parking charges here on MSE, you would be better taking this over to our friends on who are the police and council motoring specialists.

    You will need to register on pepipoo with a non-Hotmail email address before reading the FAQs and posting your query with a copy of your redacted charge letter.

    You should also contact the DVLA and tell then you have never been the registered keeper of this car, and get them to confirm it. You will need this proof to show the council.
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    THANK YOU for your replay i will contact to DVLA on monday
    this is make me so stress the main problem why council dont contact to me on march yesturday debit collection contact to me after 8 month so crazy.
    thank you
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