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Owed money from Ebay

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Brit90Brit90 Forumite
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Hi all, I need some advice if possible.
To cut a long story short, Ebay over charged me for fees.
I spoke to them late August, Early September and they agreed to send me the £22 back to me.
They never did.
They have now been asking for me to pay a bill to which I owe, but have refused to give me my money back to paypal, even when I have it in Chat that they said they would.
I have told them countless times, I need the money to be paid back to my account then I can pay the bill I owe them. I have little to zero response from many emails.

I have even pasted the chat to which this happened.

As of today, I get an email from a debt agency asking me to pay now £75 to which I have responded with the same I did with ebay - is that Ebay owe me money and once I am paid, I will pay what I owe them. No one is listening to me.

Please can someone let me know where I stand as I would love to get the money they owe me back.

This is the chat
2019 - 09 - 03
11:35:22 UTC Nikhil

I hvae just checked your account and can see that our team has credit the fees of £24.52 and can see that your account right now has an credit balance of £22.67

11:35:45 UTC ME

where is that money?

11:36:05 UTC Nikhil

Its credited backin the eBay account

11:36:22 UTC ME

well can you put it back where you took it from

11:36:26 UTC ME


11:36:43 UTC Nikhil

Sure, Please provide me some time while I take these actions

11:36:53 UTC ME



  • moleratmolerat Forumite
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    Surely they have credited the money to your account so your current debt to them is outstanding bill minus the account credit ? Why do you want the money back when they seem to have credited it to your account to offset future bills ?
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the reply.
    back then I was in need of the money as that is why I was clearing out all my stuff on ebay.
    £20 may not seem a lot to some, but when you are short of money it's really needed.
  • soolinsoolin Forumite, Board Guide
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    Brit90 wrote: »
    Thanks for the reply.
    back then I was in need of the money as that is why I was clearing out all my stuff on ebay.
    £20 may not seem a lot to some, but when you are short of money it's really needed.

    I think you mistook the response in post2. In your chat thread you posted it appears to state that you had received your refund, so there is nothing else to be repaid to you , and any further fees are still owed by you.

    If you paid fees via PayPal and they were refunded then it would have gone back to your PayPal account, which is what the chat appears to show.
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  • The money never came back to my Paypal account - no record of it.
    Anyway, thanks for the input.
  • MarkN88MarkN88 Forumite
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    It wouldn’t come back to PayPal though would it? Would just show a credit on your fees section of your account.
  • TripleHTripleH Forumite
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    Check your invoices from eBay at the time and match against the corresponding deduction ftom your paypal account. If you ate owed money and you can demonstrate it, your case should be sped up but be careful as Markn88 suggestted, it maybe that you owed say £46 on an invoice but EBay took the £20 they owed you off the invoice and you were only billed £26.

    It can be confusing that they did a shortcut but you might have missed that bit. You may need to study the invoices around thst time period in detail I'm afraid.
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