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Money Moral Dilemma: Should we claim £300 for a train delay when we still enjoyed the journey?

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  • As others have said it's about your actions. You got to your destination all good in the end as you stated.
    We have become a country of moaners, I'm sure the rail company didn't purposly delay your journey.

    Good question though & you come over as a decent person for asking it.
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    Once did an Amtrak journey from Chicago to Seattle - 37 hours train was 6 hours late. No compo - just more time on an amazing route.

    So it depends, I've claimed between London and Glasgow before , but that was for my time. I'd claim and put the money to good use.
  • I never used to claim until we where coming back from Manchester and Northern Rail cancelled the train from Preston without warning. My daughter got a txt alert while we where already more than halfway through our journey back. It wasn't a fun experience so from now on we claim if we are late.

    Things are never going to improve for rail users unless the companies involved and network rail are hit in the pocket.
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    I would claim because as others say this will be logged against the route and the infrastructure may be improved. Also, on my line, I know the company claims from network tail so are they allowed to keep that. You are entitled to it, if you feel bad, pay it forward to someone else who needs it like a foodbank etc.
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    It seems that you have already decided not to claim as the idea of doing so is making you unhappy.

    So why make yourself unhappy and spoil the memory of what has been a pleasant experience?

    Not everything needs to be about who owes what to who or how or where the financial buck will rest....
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    The whole 'moral dilemma' would be obviated if compensation was given automatically in the applicable circumstances. The same should also apply to those welfare benefits where a claim is presently necessary.

    Large organisations will attempt to avoid returning money, if there is a way to do this.
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    I think there are three reasons why you should reclaim .....

    1 - If the boot was on the other foot, the train company would extract every penny which their terms and conditions allowed
    2 - the train company will claim their own compensation from Network Rail irrespective of whether their customers claim from the train company
    3 - the train company's whole business plan will have made allowances for a predicted number of delays, cancellations and compensation claims. Not to claim would be like not bothering to claim a lottery prize

    This thread caught my eye because I recently had cause to claim a refund from Virgin Trains. They had no problem agreeing the £21.60 claim but they wanted me to send them the three worthless tickets by registered post at my own expense. I eventually got my money back through PayPal.
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    What happened to you during the 90 minute delay? Were you plied with free tea/coffee/ drinks? Did they "make up" for the delay on the train? I would definitely send a letter complaining about the delay but praising the journey and the staff (if that is appropriate). Delays sometimes happen and it's all part of being alive. This was a one off and it sounds like you had a great time. I think this is different to a regular commuter train that might always be delayed and cause people to be late for work.

    Great question and judging from the other responses, we're all in different places with our answers!
  • Claim and donate to charity.

  • tindellatindella Forumite
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    Of course you should claim. It's not that they can't afford it, but the main reason you should is that it makes them realise that their service has to improve. It might not have made much difference to you, but other people on the train might have suffered - missed connections, missed meetings, missed appointments - not all of this can be rectified with cash, granted, but someone has to pay!

    You could always donate your refund to your chosen charity!
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