Paypal dispute - ebay digital item - how to go about this? £100 :(

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Paypal dispute - ebay digital item - how to go about this? £100 :(

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sunnisunni Forumite
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For a friend!!

She bought a digital item on Ebay and paid £100 via paypal for a money making system which is clearly not as described! The buyer is sending her emails on what to do and she is getting different results from what he's telling her!

From my knowledge I said I don't think Paypal will refund any of this but upon looking I found an article from Paypal ie. Buyer Protection now covers intangibles! Buyers purchasing intangible goods (such as digital goods) and services can now be covered by Buyer Protection, in the same way as they are for physical items. If a buyer claims they haven't received an eligible item or service or it was not as described they can open a claim with Paypal will review.

Yes I know £100 she paid and it's worth a try as this item is clearly not as described and the seller isn't selling this now! She asked him for a refund and he refused!

It's worth a try and will she open a dispute with Ebay or Paypal?


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