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The way British Gas customers with prepayment meters top up is changing from 1 January, as they'll no longer be able to use PayPoint at their usual newsagent or supermarket...
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'PayPoint top-up for British Gas prepay customers to end – what you need to know'
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    I've just had a read of the MSE full story, I think someone needs to go back to school and learn how to basic arithmetic.

    If Paypoint had 28,000 outlets but PayZone has only 13,000 and the Post Office has another 11,500 that means there are roughly 24,500 outlets for people to pay their bill which is around 3,500 less rather than the 15,000 as stated in the article.

    However that said, I'm guessing that BG are trying to save the cost of administering PayGo metering, probably by going with a cheaper system and would really like more people to use on-line payment or smart meters.
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    The post office outlets are existing outlets and remain available. So the change is from 28,000 to 13,000 which I make 15,000 less.
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