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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

edited 18 July 2017 at 11:40AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • mrs_motivatedmrs_motivated Forumite
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    You're wonderful. :T

    Thank you so much for this it made my day, but in all truth I only did what anyone would in those circumstances.

    So pleasures for today.

    1. It isn't raining.....I need to stop this, the rain is becoming an obsession.

    2. Booked a holiday to forget about the rain (see above), well that's my excuse anyway :cool: ... it isn't until next May, but I did get a good deal so something to look forward to.

    3. Somehow managed to budget twice this month for house and contents insurance, so £136 pounds better off than I thought. :j

    4. DD still staying and has brought me a couple of books to read, we have a kind of informal family book circle and when one of us buys a book it does the rounds, before been passed on to our local community centre.

    5. So Friday night, looking forward to a family and putting my feet up with a glass of vino
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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello. And hello all new people. You just have to plunge feet first in and post. Some days we have more pleasures than others , some day we have to look a bit harder and you can always bank them if you can’t quite muster up five!

    Just about to shut out the incoming night. Been another cold day but hurrah no work!

    whilst DD2 was sitting her driving test I was hoovering and floor washing and laundry hanging and downstairs loo cleaning...

    And then we were car shopping ! She passed ! Hurrah!

    We now ( she now) have a little Mini. Picking up tomorrow.

    Went to Lidl. Had a £5 off £25 shop. Went round adding up.

    Got one set of wallpaper for extension. I need two more sets. I hate wallpaper shopping. I kind of know what I want but haven’t seen it yet...tick tick tick ...it’s not Monday yet!

    Got as far as taking pictures off walls. They need to go upstairs somewhere.

    A dog on my knee. Cuddling and keeping warm.

    Had cleaned downstairs glass ( window/doors) then noticed another dog snout mark when I came back home. I’d put food out for birds so he must have been glaring at them! Re-wiped!

    Lasagne for tea with left over baked potatoes roasted whilst ovens on.
  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Pleasures for today.

    Dog got filthy running in the park, she will insist on lying down in muddy puddles. I chucked her in the shower when we got home. Lavender scented dog shampoo, warm water, see that muck pour out of her fur! Snuggle and towel dry with two towels, then duck as she shakes herself dry!

    Yesterday's chicken stew leftover liquid became chicken soup for lunch today, a serving of what they call Jewish penicillin to ward off my son's threatening cold.

    Hot elderberry toddies for us both, I'm singing in a concert in less than three weeks time and cannot afford to lose my voice.

    Fresh clean bedlinen on the beds, looking forward to bedtime tonight.

    Finished Christmas present wrapping. That means I don't need to spend money from November or December's salary on buying presents. I won't be going mad on food, either as I have already bought a vegetarian Wellington thing for my main Christmas Day meal. and Christmas puds are already in the cupboard. Just catering for guests to sort out.

    Cheese omelette and chips tonight for dinner.
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  • 1. Cat on my lap. One out of nine is good🐱
    2. Lasagne for tea which I made vegetarian and no one noticed.
    3. Worktop clear.
    4. I found my lost brown boot. And cleaned ready to wear!
    5. My sons home for the weekend.
    Simple things:)
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  • SuffolksueSuffolksue Forumite
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    Just written a list and its disappeared !
    Pleasures for the last few days
    1 Went to Tues quiz ,extremely hard and obscure ,I found it funny and got tte giggles but some of my team take it extremely seriously .But where else could you get tea biscuits ,laughter and 2 hrs chitchat and company for £1.50?
    2 Papworth appt came for DH ,Election Day !
    3 Rang ward and learned we should be done by 2 pm ,then
    4 booked transport no problem be ready by 7am.
    5 last night I went out for the wine group C get together (not saying the word ,don't want an elf shot )
    Left DH with everything in reach and the football ,was only 5 min down the road ( I drove only half a glass of wine ) I still feel bad ,but he wanted me to go and it was a much needed break .

    Now watching children in need D
    H asleep in his chair
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    Frith, that sounds great and a really interesting role.

    1 A sneaky lay in as feeling a bit rough, so brekkie may have been lunch of bacon, brie and cranberry.
    2 A cold hard look around revealed a pig sty really, the lounge needed a deep clean and tidy, and the animals all needed bedding changing.
    3 Bird feeders re stocked.
    4 The Christmas cakes are cooked and cooling.
    5 The planned roast joint moved as it would have meant eating at about 9pm, so we had faggots and veg instead.
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    For yesterday
    1) graduation- my provost was standing in for the chaplain so had a good chat
    2) graduation lunch
    3) took left over cakes up to office so I was popular
    4) yummy hm sausage stew
    5) walked boys round to mum’s for a blether
    And today which was very much a day of good bits and bleuh bits
    1) lovely walk in
    2) more sausage casserole for lunch
    3) bus down to town - first time I’ve used contactless. Hooray no more worrying about having exact cash or getting no change
    4) Christmas lights switch on. Beautiful torch procession. We opened up the cathedral
    5) met dd2 after and we had tea at the chippie
    Now in bed as sore throat :-(
    I may not be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday
  • SuffolksueSuffolksue Forumite
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    Frith meant to say I love museums .
  • BfhBfh Forumite
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    Hope your throat is better tomorrow DD.
    Some for today and yesterday
    - Doggle! Hurray for our lovely animals eh? Today ours has been washed and beautified, and although he’s getting on in years he’s as pretty as a pup and still just as cute and mischievous:)
    - Lovely hubby picking me up after an evening out last night. I wasn’t really looking forward to it for various reasons, and it’s left me feeling a little “off” today, but even though he was tired after a long day and it was past his week night bedtime, he insisted on collecting me, and I was grateful for my human “comfort blanket” :D
    - being cosy and warm in my pjs right now when the weather is so awful outside
    - books. There’s nothing like the comfort that a good read can provide
    - this thread. You’re a nice bunch of people:) I really like reading everyone’s posts.
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    SuffolkSue - don't forget to ask for postal votes if you need them.

    Pleasures for today (Friday)

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Smaller son's temperature has gone down and he has eaten some sandwiches today.

    3) Hens OK.

    4) Some breaks in the rain today but flooding continues all over the place.

    5) Popped down to mum and dad's this afternoon to clean the bathroom. Didn't have time to do all of it so did the bath and the sink. This took a series of scouring pads. Its quite shiny now!

    6) Picked bigger son up from work. He is hatching all sorts of plans to see his VSO friends (who are all over the country) and to possibly fly to his old village in Nepal and BIKE HOME !!!

    7) Watched Gogglebox and the Last Leg.
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