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MSE Leaders' Debate 2019: The big consumer issues for the election

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MSE Leaders' Debate 2019: The big consumer issues for the election

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With just over five weeks to go until voters head to polling stations across the UK, here at MSE, we're calling on you once again. We want to offer you the opportunity to help us quiz the leaders of our main political parties on crucial money matters ahead of the general election on Thursday 12 December.

Voting is one of the most important choices we make as consumers. We want to find out how the parties stand on key consumer and financial issues that affect you now and in the future.

Who's taking part?
We have previously held Leaders' Debates in 2010, 2015 and 2017. This time, we're hoping to question the following leaders (we've listed them alphabetically by surname):
  • Jonathan Bartley/Siân Berry - The Green Party
  • Jeremy Corbyn - The Labour Party
  • Nigel Farage - The Brexit Party
  • Boris Johnson - The Conservative Party
  • Adam Price - Plaid Cymru
  • Nicola Sturgeon - The Scottish National Party
  • Jo Swinson - Liberal Democrats

We are yet to approach the parties, but we hope all of them will take part. We'll let you know if any say no, so check back on this thread for updates.

What do you want to ask the leaders?
Post your suggestions on important issues below. We're going to create a shortlist, which will be put to the MSE polls in the next week. We can't promise to use all your ideas, but we do promise to read them.

Examples of things to include
This is all about consumer and finance issues that affect you.

Some of the questions we asked ahead of the last election included:
  • Affordable housing: How will you address the lack of affordable homes and help first-time buyers?
  • Benefits: What plans do you have for the system?
  • Brexit: How will you guarantee, safeguard or improve our consumer rights as we exit the EU?

You can see the full list of questions and responses in the 2017 Leaders' Debate guide.

Examples of things not to include
This isn't a general political poll. We like to keep it specific to consumer finance that affects you directly, so please don't include topics like:
  • Immigration
  • Public spending issues (such as NHS or education)
  • MPs' salaries


We look forward to hearing from you all.

- MSE Molly
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  • IHT - Will your government reverse the unfair "IHT and families" rule which unfairly penalises those of us not fortunate enough to have children? I have extended family members who are not eligible for that IHT tax break but consider them to be my children.
  • IHT - the basic allowance has remained unchanged for many years in spite of rampant house price inflation. Will your government raise it to a more realistic level, say £1 million for everyone?
  • Will your party promise to maintain the pensions triple lock?
  • Will your party consider returning VAT to 17% in order to combat rising prices?
  • What is your party’s stance on regional pay inequalities in Northern Ireland? (Prices are the same possibly higher for goods, yet wages are well below other regions, even those with similar housing costs). This affects public sector workers but even more starkly private sector as we are seen as a cheap workforce
  • Will your party support 1950's born women with non means tested transitional arrangements until stage pension age
  • What do you propose to do to address the injustice inflicted on 50s born women who have been denied their state pension . These women were given little notice to make alternative financial arrangements unlike MPs .
  • Why is the High Income Child Benefit Charge based on individual earnings rather than household earnings. This means that a couple earning £49k each (£98k total) are entitled to full child benefit whereas a family with one earner at £60k are entitled to nothing. Surely this is unfair.
  • Why is it that I can change my mind who I vote for at general elections, more frequent than every five years, but I can't change my mind over my Brexit vote, even though every man and woman has learnt so much more than they did nearly four years ag what Brexit really means to them?
  • All the parties want to increase the minimum wage to £10-10.50 ph. Have they thought about the many people who are skilled and qualified but low earners who earn £11 ish an hour now such as veterinary nurses. Their employers can not afford to increase their wages to keep them above the unskilled workers. There is there for no incentive to pay for and complete a complex medical degree to earn just above the minimum wage and to work anti social hours such as nights and Christmas day. Is this not going to create a massive lack of skilled jobs as people choose to work better hours in unskilled jobs and not waste money on getting further educated. The minimum wage has risen every year whilst our wages have been frozen meaning we the pay gap between skilled and unskilled workers has already shrunk massively. How can the government ensure our skills we studied hard for still ensure we earn a decent salary above the minimum wage?
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