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Flight delay and cancellation compensation, Easyjet ONLY

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  • ABlestABlest Forumite
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    Looking for some precedence or examples of similar successful claims for compensation: My wife and I and three young children arrived at Luton airport for a domestic Easyjet flight early on Sat 26th Oct to Glasgow for a three night holiday incl. car hire booked via Easyjet to be informed our flight was cancelled. We were initially offered a refund, or alternative flight leaving from Standsted late that evening, but told that the return flight would come back to Luton as originally planned. With no offer being made to transport us over to Standsted in order to take up this alternative offer, we spent time discussing amongst ourselves how we could manage the alternative arrangement with our car being parked at at a different airport. When asking for the details of the flights again, we were then told there were actually only 4 seats available. Alternative options for flying out of Standsted the following evening or from Gatwick the following evening were presented. With this not being feasible for the accomodation we had booked, we made a decision to collect our parked car (booked via the Easyjet website links) and drive to Glasgow ourselves. The flight was due to arrive at ~10am, but we eventually drove past Glasgow Airport at around 16:30 that evening.
    I have not yet claimed a refund for the flights, as I feel Easyjet should be covering the costs of our missed car hire (booked via Easyjet), and our alternative transport at say 0.45p/mile in each direction, as well as compensation for the delay in arrival in Glasgow of circa 6hrs. Am I being unreasonable and do I stand any chance of being successful. All advise/info on cancelled flights compensation is based on taking an alternative flight and claiming the delay compensation. I see no examples of those that I have decided to use an alternative form or transport and then recover the costs/compensation. Thanks AB
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    JPearsJPears Forumite
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    EJ have a duty of care as well as probably owing you compensation.
    General advice is bdon't claim the refund as EJ, mistakenly, wil think they have got rid of the problem.

    1. What was the reason given for the cancellation? If not an EC then you are all due €250 compensation, including the 3 children.
    2. Were there alternative airline flights from Luton to Glasgow that day. If so EJ should (but never do) offer those to you at their expense. Did they tell you that you could use an alternative airline? Probably not.
    3. EJ's duty of care (irrespective of the reason for the cancellation) are to cover all costs (and ideally arrange) to get you to your original destination. Including the cost of transfer to Stanstead.

    4. If you booked the car hire via EJ, effectively a package I would expect the refund of that car hire cost without question.
    There are 2 separate claim forms on the EJ website, one for your compensation and one for your additional expenses and car hire. I had a similar problem last year and had to rearrange EJ car hire due to different arrivals. It took a small claims submision before they paid it and a CEDR submission for the compensation. EJ will probably fight all the way. We are here to help.
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  • ABlestABlest Forumite
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    Thank you JPears. EJ representative at the desk advised that the reason for the cancellation was lack of crew. EJ also said that there were no other flights that day from Luton to either Glasgow or Edinburgh (we suggested Edinburgh as an alternative destination). However, there was certainly no mention of using different airlines and we never thought to ask at the time. The offer of flights from Gatwick or Stansted the following evening was on other EJ flights but there was no offer of transport, only the text message offer of overnight hotel. This is despite us discussing the problem of us picking up our own car from the car park and flying and returning from different airports directly in front of the EJ rep who was checking alternative flight options for us. I will certainly download the guide you mention. I haven't accepted the refund as yet, because I am wary of this being my acceptance of resolution without properly exploring compensation for having to drive myself and losing what was essentially two days of our holiday. I just wasn't sure whether by choosing to drive my own car to Glasgow instead of accepting a later flight late the following day would be evidence of late arrival due to EJ cancellation and therefore a justifiable delay claim under the EU legislation. In which case I am left with just claiming the cost of the flights and trying to recover the unused car hire booked via EJ.
  • JPearsJPears Forumite
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    You chose to make alternative travel since EJ did not give you any convenient to you options. Or indeed disclose their full obligations. You're allowed under the regulations to make your own travel arrangements and claim the costs back from the airline.
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  • So an update today, after flight was cancelled and EasyJet rejected my compensation claim I took it to aviation ADR, and found out yesterday that EasyJet have offered to settle for the full €250 per person. Doesn’t give back the day we lost at eurodisney but does cover the lost tickets!! I’d always advise claiming yourself first as I’d have lost £95 per person had I used one of the no win no fee firms:)
  • JPearsJPears Forumite
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    Well done.

    Send a letter of complaint to the CAA detailing how Easyjet put obstacles in your way and denied your perfectly valid claim.
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    Twotone2Twotone2 Forumite
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    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice regarding a delayed flight that both my wife and I were traveling on last Saturday 7th December, the flight number was EZY8536 and was delayed apparently because of the French ATC strike.

    The flight was scheduled to take off at 12.15pm local time and was due to arrive at Gatwick 16.30pm.

    As a consequence of the delay we missed our connecting flight from Gatwick to Glasgow international airport with BA flight no BA2518 which was scheduled to take off at 19.40pm with the gate closing at 18.55pm so there was no chance of us catching that flight.

    We had to book into Gatwick Travelodge for the night @ £42 and then we took the train home the following morning from London Euston to Glasgow Central via Gatwick train station at a cost of £314 plus transfers from Gatwick to the hotel and back and from Glasgow Central to our home in Glasgow @ circa £375 in total we eventually arrived home at approximately 16.15pm on Sunday the 8th of December.

    We should have arrived home at approximately 21.30pm on the 7th December so around 19 hours late.

    I've been in touch with my travel insurer who have advised that we can claim our travel expenses back (not covered for food though) however I need a letter from Easyjet (below) which is proving almost impossible to obtain so I opened an EC261/2004 with Easyjet yesterday as no doubt they'll reject the claim on the basis of the flight delay/ATC strike but the rejection email should be sufficient for my travel insurer, hopefully?

    Also there was no help whatsoever from EJ or indeed BA when we approached their service desk other than to check available flights and cost of same however the next available flight to Glasgow was the same flight time on the Sunday evening at a cost of about £360 per seat.

    Easyjet reps on the plane didn't offer us vouchers or advise regarding how to get back to Glasgow they simply waved the entire flight goodbye as normal.

    I've also opened a claim a Flight Delay Compensation Claim with Bott & co who have been advised via their online calculator that we have a valid claim for compensation from Easyjet but obviously that could change.

    I'm also wondering if we are due a refund from BA for the missed flight?



    For travel delay:
    Written confirmation from the airline of the cause and length of the delay you experienced. This needs to confirm the original and revised travel arrangements.
  • Caz3121Caz3121 Forumite
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    Twotone2 wrote: »
    I'm also wondering if we are due a refund from BA for the missed flight?

    assuming these were separate tickets you would have been a no-show for the BA flight so any refund would be based on the fare rules of the ticket (maybe a refund of the APD although there may be a fee) ....possibly something to add into your travel insurance claim
  • Just received this below by email, no confirmation of the exact nature of the delay.


    Dear Anthony,

    Thank you for your EU261 compensation claim which we received on 09-12-2019.

    We have reviewed your claim and can see that your flight from FUE to LGW was delayed by ::-Disruption delay length-::

    As your flight delay was less than 3hours, you are unfortunately not eligible for compensation under article 7 of EC261/2004.

    We are sorry for the disruption of your flight and hope to welcome you on board again soon.

    Kind regards,
  • Justice13075Justice13075 Forumite
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    If your delay at your destination was less than 3 hours you are not due compensation. That would be London Gatwick. As Cas3121 says this is if it was two separate tickets.
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