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KLM claim adverse weather

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My first ever post so apologies for such a long rant
On 4th Sept 2019 our flight KL960 from NCL to AMS was delayed and we missed our connecting flight KL617 to Boston
When we checked in at NCL at about 10.30am ( the scheduled departure of KL690 was 13.15) we were told that already our flight was showing a 20 minute delay but no reason given. As we waited in lounge our delay grew longer and longer as all other flights continued to land and depart on time. At 15.55 before we had left NCL, we got emails from KLM saying that we had missed our connection and were being rebooked on flight the following day No reason was given for the delay. As we boarded the delayed NCL flight the gate agent already knew we were rebooked on flight the next day. No reason for the delay was given. When flight KL690 finally departed NCL the pilot gave a very short apology and said something about problems in AMS. In all of this adverse weather condition was never once mentioned.
At Schiphol we were told to go to Transfer Desk 6 where we joined a long queue of unhappy customers. Eventually we were booked on DL257 for Boston at 14.40 the following day 5th September and given hotel accommodation for the night.
The next day DL257 was further delayed so we eventually arrived at or final destination over 24 hours late.
On 26th sept on our return to the Uk I completed an online form with KLM for Flight Delay compensation, 24 hours later I received a poorly composed, cut and pasted template letter full of major inaccuracies about our onward journey and rebooked flights! And our claim was declined as "there was adverse weather condition which caused delay to the incoming flight" It was complete nonsense and clearly our claim had not been read carefully. I immediately sent a second email pointing out these glaring errors and asking for someone to read our claim form more carefully. Nothing happened after a few days so I phoned KLM and was eventually told our case had been closed and no one had bothered looking at my second email . Someone eventually looked at my response and very shortly I got another Cut and pasted letter still claiming "adverse weather condition delayed incoming flight etc and that my compensation could not be paid. he also added a suggestion that I "should contact National Enforcement Bodies to get “the exact disruption reason”!" (So is “adverse weather NOT the reason? What is known and KLM made passengers aware ahead of time, is that there was a 2 hour scheduled strike by KLM staff at Schiphol on the morning of 4th Sept
I then sent a NBA letter. Once again nothing happened and once again I telephoned. Once again I was told my case had been closed and once again no one had read or acknowledged my NBA letter. I then asked for a deadlock letter and that duly arrived.
So.…………….having read hundreds of posts and Vauban's- Guide all extremely informative and helpful should I go the aviation ADR route or jump straight to Small Claims court or NWNF firm. Or did I miss some "adverse weather condition" on the morning of Wednesday September 4th?


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    Am I entitled to compensation when my flight is cancelled or delayed by a strike?
    In the UK a strike of third parties is seen as an extraordinary circumstance under Regulation 261/2004. Third parties are outside parties of which the airline is not in control, such as Air Traffic Control, baggage handlers or security. This means that you are not entitled to compensation when a UK flight is cancelled or delayed by more than three hours due to a third party strike. If the airline personnel like cabincrew or pilots are on strike, you are entitled to compensation of up to €600 per person.
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    Hi Midfielder,

    When an airline is very cagey about the reason for a delay it usually means they are trying to 'dodge a bullet'

    Although we don't know what the actual reason was, it does sound like you may well be due compensation.

    Further, if your alternate fight out of Amsterdam was also delayed by 3 hours or more upon arrival you would probably also be due compensation for that flight too.

    Their ADR provider is AviationADR, found here,
    However, they don't have a good reputation here for being fair or impartial, so it may be best to avoid them.

    Bott and Co are the best people to handle your claim if you want to avoid a lot of hassle, but for a fee.

    The only other alternative would be to use MCOL, which can be very stressful, especially your first time.

    Good luck.
    Please read Vaubans superb guide. To find it Google and then download 'vaubans guide'.
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