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Outfox the Market reviews: add your feedback

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  • We've been with OTM for around 18m now

    WE've had fewer issues than we had with the big suppliers. They tend to answer the phone quickly and the operators generally know what they are doing.

    They've put in a new meter for us at my request (which they hadn't done before- it needed moving)), it needed a little patience for them to work out the processes, but it all worked and went smoothly.

    Billling has generally been fine- our DD should have been aound £90/m and for some reason they dropped it to £55/month (maybe because i've been lax with supplying readings......). They've put it back up to £90 when i phoned them.

    Having suffered from some of the really big suppliers where you wait on the phone for literally hours, we're not unhappy.

    They are also just about the cheapest constantly which always helps :D
  • Nick_CNick_C Forumite
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    I switched from Ovo to OTM on 5/10.

    They made a few silly mistakes setting up the account which were quickly rectified when I emailed them. I've now had my first bill, based on my meter readings. Clear and easy to understand (although I couldn't open the pdf on line and had to email them to get a copy).

    They always answer emails quickly, and they are much cheaper than any of the big suppliers. I'm happy.
  • Don't believe the negative and misleading warning about poor service on MSE's Cheap Energy Club. We transferred nearly 2 years ago and have had no problems or issues and are safe in the knowledge that we're also saving money. We've also directed friends and family to them with similar results and satisfaction. They are consistently quoted the cheapest on Cheap Energy Club. Give em go :)
  • DSCDSC Forumite
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    We switched to OTM 18 months ago as they were substantially cheaper than any of the rivals. There was a mid term blip when they automatically shifted all accounts onto higher DD over winter and lower DD over summer. This did not suit everyone and so they quickly had to revert to constant DD throughout the year.

    Now all new customers will be on 6 months higher DD over winter and lower over summer. This is clearly detailed before you switch. Existing customers however can remain on a constant DD if selecting One Variable 6.0 which works for us.

    It is definitely worth calculating your annual usage for gas and electricity as our figures were lower than the estimated average thus allowing us to be on the lowest possible tariff

    Website can be a bit of a pain with Online chat option opening far too frequently but you eventually get used to it.

    Phone calls dealt with reasonably quickly [under 5 mins to be at front of the Q at lunchtime] and efficiently
  • RalphSRalphS Forumite
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    I switched to OTM on 4th Oct from Angelic. EVERYTHING took place on exactly time and most proficiently. (I even got my credit balance from Angelic back into my bank account on 10th Oct.)
  • ConsumeristConsumerist Forumite
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    Don't believe the negative and misleading warning about poor service on MSE's Cheap Energy Club.
    Well, of course, the stats don't predict that everyone gets bad service from OTM but only that the odds may be against getting good service.

    It's interesting to see that your only two posts on the forum are both in support of OTM. Let's hope you continue to be lucky. :)
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    OFTM finally realised that they had failed to claim my DD for 9 months, and asked me to repay the debt. They've spread the c. £300 debt over 6 months, which is fine with me. Still not sure about their maths, though, but that's the same with all the energy companies.
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  • I would not recommend this business. Been with them 3 months, could enter meter readings no problem. The past few weeks the meter reading page is allowing me to put in 1 digit only. So 32345 goes through as 3.

    Wrote to them and they never replied. Used live chat and they could not answer what has changed on the website just said take a picture of your meter and we will look into it.

    I have applied to leave. Nil points to this lot.
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    There seems to be a problem in using to compare my current outfox the market tariff against possible alternatives. Outfox says my current tariff is Zapp! July. Cheap energy club lists lots of tariffs but none of them with that name or even a similar name.

    On further investigation, it turns out that Zapp! is an obsolete Tariff. Seems that OFTM keep introducing newer tariffs and pushing up charges on the old ones. Their new tariff, "One Variable 7.0" is still the cheapest for me, so I suppose I'll stay with them. Am disappointed though that Cheap Energy Club didn't spot the price rise.
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    1974Marie wrote: »
    The past few weeks the meter reading page is allowing me to put in 1 digit only. So 32345 goes through as 3.
    Probably a browser compatibility problem, or your privacy settings, etc. Just try a different browser.
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