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Whilst at university I had money that was stolen out of my account. The bank at first refused to refund the money and it has taken over 16 months to get resolved.

Following the FOS investigation, HSBC made a decision to write to me and pay me back the full amount. Plus 8% the original amount, and overdraft fees.

My questions are the following;

What about my credit history, I had direct debits and loans I was paying off?

I wasn’t able to meet the payments because of the fraud, doesn’t HSBC have a code of ethics which protect me from fraud scenarios?

The fact HSBC didn’t refund me the money, resulted in me not being able to pay small loans with high interest rates. As a result most of the money I get back will have to cover the costs of these loans.

Why are they offering to pay my overdraft fees when I’m on a student account?? That doesn’t even make any sense.

Do I have any consumer rights or protection ?:money:


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