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    Well done on your savings this month, CyclistDreams, that's really looking good.

  • So, another month and another payday.

    Totals saved as follows:

    £445 to house fund
    £175.82 to Car fund
    £25 to S&S ISA
    £100 to Emergency Fund
    £30 into 'fun' fund
    £20 into bike maintenance fund
    £325 into Christmas fund (Bank switching offers paid for this)
    £200 from the misses for the holiday.

    Worked some overtime last month which was paid today, but I bought some upgrades for my hobby so that's where that money went. On track to bank 84 hours overtime this month, so that will all go towards various pots. Going to get the Emergency pot up to £3000 (£691 away), then any remainder will go into the car fund pot. Ideally want to get that to at least £1500. Once the Emergency fund is finished, the £100 per month will go to the house :)

    Now 88.92% of the way there!
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    Your savings are looking great ! 84 hours overtime is a lot of extra money but also a lot hours, make sure you don't overdo it and burn yourself out.
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  • Thanks very much :)

    Yes, i know what you mean - it's been tiring, but trying to make the most of whilst it's there.

    Only got 9:30 hours booked in as overtime next month, so it's a bit different to this month :p
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    Great savings but blimey how big is your family that you have to put £300 into your xmas fund every month? Holy moly.

    I have will have £300 in total in my xmas fund by December and that is plenty but I am buying for 7 people and keeping £100 for food and sales shopping.
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  • Ah, i may have worded that slightly wrongly! Just trying to get it to £500 total, rather than a certain amount each month :)
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    Blimey that's a relief I wanted to be adopted into your family if you were giving gold bars out!!!!:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
    (ok Christmas Cracker humour). :o
    Try to have a minimal spend year in 2021
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    That's a great job on your savings for the month! I was also going to echo SW by saying don't burn yourself out with overtime, but it sounds like you'll be having an enforced reduction in overtime next month anyway :D I'm usually so organised with Christmas, but I've not even started thinking about it this year. No idea where we'll even be for the day, let alone started thinking about Xmas gifts (beyond buying theatre tickets for my husband) so I'm in awe of your organisation skills and planning!
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    Today is payday :)

    Totals saved below -

    £135.86 Car pot
    £691.36 Emergency Fund
    £445 House fund
    £23.50 Fun fund
    £20 Bike fund
    £50 S&S ISA

    This payday included the 84 hours overtime I did, so managed to squirrel away quite a bit more than usual. Had a bit of work done on the car (new rear tyres, rear suspension etc) so £396 went to paying that, but still managed to put £135.86 into the pot, so happy with that.

    Emergency fund is now topped off at £3000/£3000 so really pleased that's now done!

    Treated myself and picked up a tablet I've been looking at. Black Friday sales got me £20 off, and waiting for 10% cashback on it too :)

    Another 35 hours Overtime banked for this month - not sure what i'm going to do with it, probably split between car/house pots.

    90.05% of the way to the overall house goal - getting closer!
  • Early payday this month - Feels good :)

    Totals saved for December as follows:

    £210 into car pot
    £250 into house pot
    £55 into fun fund
    £20 into bike maintenance fund

    Upgraded our seats for our holiday next year, so the money I got from my OT this month has gone towards paying those off. Only 140 days and counting :p

    Extra £100 saved from not having to pay into my emergency pot has gone onto the house savings.

    Gone down a spine point on my payband this month, so that's an extra £800 a year, and also got the good news I've been successful with a recent job application for a years secondment, so i'll be moving onto the next pay band end of Jan, which will be an extra £1311 a year :)

    91.51% of the way to the house goal :)
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