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Virgin Media T and Cs

edited 23 October 2019 at 11:51AM in Broadband & Internet Access
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mebemickymebemicky Forumite
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edited 23 October 2019 at 11:51AM in Broadband & Internet Access
I recently tried to cancel my VM contract due to the double increase in price, I had phone and internet bundle. I contacted them on the 9th September and after a long discussion with the operator started a new contract. The new contract was for a much better price and also had the clearly stated option of cancellation within the 14 cooling off period. Clearly stated as I had said I did not want to renew as I wanted to look else where for a deal (difficult for me as VM are apparently the only fibre provider to my house).

I contacted on the 23rd September to cancel. I was told there was no new contact or record of it. Although the notes said we discussed a new price and I was happy with it. I stated that clearly I had entered a new contract as it was offered and accepted, even if the operator didn't process anything on the computer. I was then told that it wouldn't have mattered as if you cancel a new contract you revert to your old contract, price and 30 days notice. So a cancellation was started with 30 days notice.

I phoned again yesterday, 22 October, as I received a bill for £108.50. This was for the higher price service through until December. This was 2 months future costs plus a late fee for last months bills. I had cancelled the DD after cancelling on the 23rd as previous payments had covered the period left to be served. After further calls with an operator yesterday confirming that T and Cs state that cancelling the new contract would have put me on the old terms, they accepted that I had been offered a lower price and revised the bill. I questioned why I had to pay for services until dec when it was being shut off on the 23rd October. After investigating he said a final was due on the 12th November showing a £12 credit so I would not need to pay anything. I requested a copy of all the calls I had made and notes from these conversations as I feel I was mislead about the new conract and was now at a financial loss.

Last night I read VMs T and Cs, the whole way through, twice. It makes no mention of the reverting to your old contract term anywhere. It only says new contracts have a 14 day statory cooling off period. Back on the phone this morning I asked the operator to read me the exact wording of the term. She did not know it. I then said I could not find it in T and Cs I had or the copy on their website. So I asked which section and paragraph it was, she searched and was unable to find it. I asked how VM are enforing terrms not provided to customers or available on its website, especially if VM themselves can not find it in a contract. I then had my notes from the 9/9 call read to me and it said I was given a new contract!!

I am a waiting a call back from a manager but was wondering if this has happened to anyone else as its seems pretty much unlawful and dishonest in every way.


  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    <(difficult for me as VM are apparently the only fibre provider to my house).

    Have you checked via MSE broadband tool ??
    Non VM is mainly fibre to the cabinet but Fibre to the house is rolling out .
  • Everywhere says I can get it but when you try to take out the service it says its not available. I contacted Open Reach and they confirmed they I can not get it yet. Well the cabinet is full and an upgrade is due to be complete Dec 2019, so should be option for me then.
  • VM have confirmed, in writing, that reverting to your old contract when cancelling a new one is not in the T and Cs, its just company policy. As this is not told to you when renewing a contract and it breaches the T and Cs can it be lawful?
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