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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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    mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    A rabble rouser even then VJ

    Well what was potentially not going to be great day turned out better than expected.

    Lovely and bright in a blooming chilly way, sunny but very windy and very cold...however it actually almost dried the washings!

    We went to M0rrisons and had a very lazy though tasty cooked breakfast, got two very large RTC chrysanthemum tubs for £1.25 each. Lugged them back to the car. Had also got some Rtc socks and undies for GN Christmas gift.

    Then we psyched ourselves up for visiting the mother. Did ironing ( like forever) hoovered. Washed floors. Washed front door and doorstep which was badly needing doing...I had noticed last week when I was being shouted at. Cleaned bathroom. Also badly needing done. DD2 changed her bedding for her. She was in a much calmer mood than last week.

    Home. Aaaaaah! Nice and calm and tidy . Assumed (correctly ) the dog and boy were out together as there was no dog!

    Had a small Rtc pumpkin ( much smaller than my own ) so emptied it of flesh and seeds and filled it with oasis and flowers. Some RTC orange roses I got last night and then greenery and purple-ry from my garden!

    Made pumpkin soup which was yummy. And have washed and drying the seeds for replanting next year. So every bit was used.

    Had a decadent piece of Rtc chocolate cake.

    Doggy snuggles.

    It’s chilly tonight . Have shut the blinds and put on my wee electric stove for a while to warm up room I’m in.
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    There, now yous worried!
    PM2DD Zip it, not interested. Didn't look, don't start! Enuff!
    no can do bro' your pain is my pain. i iz now half hatter half mariner. Actually i am one third hatter one third mariner and one third foxes as friend is Leicester City fan :beer:
    1) up for the rugby. got the washing on, lawn cut (during half time), washing spun and out to dry, and a sweet potato curry into the slow cooker all before
    2) church. provost has resigned which is sad for us cos he and family were fab but he's been with us 10 years so time he feels for him to move on. he goes end of december
    3) then coffee with mum and dd2. i had my first ever latte with oat milk (thinking of saying no to animal products in november, though will make an exception for beetles as my fave tipple has cochineal in :rotfl:) grand total was £3 cos i had a full stamps card and both dd2 and i had our resuable cups with us
    4) mrpiano facetimed. mrbeard is with him for a couple of nights (mrbeard is in the church choir, is a solicitor with the cooncil and buys very nice whisky, the last of which went into yesterday's trifle)
    5) 'slow session' which is a monthly playing of ceilidh music, cept as its name suggests, not too fast!
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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    A wee sneaky extra pleasure as we were extra sneaky and walked round the light show before it opens! Looks fab. Son went down on his bike and called to say lights were on so I drove & picked up friend & her daughter and we met up with son. Blooming freezing!
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Sunday)

    1) A lie in.

    2) Hen had made her own way from the sleeping quarters and was there to meet me this morning!

    3) Got various jobs done round the house.

    4) Picked bigger son up from Halford's job at 3.30 and got 24p loaves of bread and 54p punnet of grapes from Sainsburys. And some milk.

    5) Big curry for tea with rice and Bombay potatoes.

    6) Have been doing crochet all evening, making snowflakes and stars for Christmas. Just about getting the hang of it now.
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Watched the rugby.

    2. I also cut the grass or most of it.

    3. A quick snooze.

    4. Trains ok to go to MIL house. DH was there painting fences to save builder doing it.

    5. Went for a meal with cousin and husband.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Thanks VJs don’t think it’s a chest infection tbh but will monitor if it goes over 3 weeks.

    Sunday pleasures,

    Up early and saw the sunrise, low lying mist on the ground but sun streaming through the beech trees, beautiful.

    Put out a few Samhain decorations including my horseshoe pumpkin.

    Planted up a couple of lasagne spring bulb pots for a ( fingers crossed ) pretty display next year.

    A roast chicken dinner followed by fruit crumble which was then followed by a snooze on the sofa.

    Evening walk with small dog, poor thing she hurt her leg running for a ball so had to cut walk short. She is walking ok and weight bearing on it but it’s clearly tender as didn’t want it dried after this morning’s walk. Fortunately she is due at the vets today for annual booster so will mention it.
  • juliettetjuliettet Forumite
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    Weekend pleasures
    1. A reminder of lovely friends after Birthday fizz and really good chocolates. We all recently made a pact to only buy consumables.
    2. Lovely yellow roses from my sister.
    3. A really nice day yesterday. Shrubs trimmed and all bulbs planted. Bought mostly crocuses as the first food for the bees next year.
    4. Daisy cat scaring me as I thought the beginning of a UTI. No vet now on Saturday. Thankfully slept for 6 hours and ate 2 breakfasts so OK.
    5. Booked a city break for next year. Krakow.I will miss the concentration camp visit. My dear dad made sure we knew of the horrors and the great debt we owe. I will find something to do that day.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    Heres we goes, another Lunch Bite from BoP!

    Mum of VJ! Dear me, what a troublesome yuff they was! Minds me of the SKC on mes training camp and if they did not put Tom and Jerry on, we did not have empty ice cream cartons, but cans of wobbleade instead! Some cans were deliberately not empty! Made a racket more than a couple of times! Perhaps that is why theys got rid of the circle. Mind yous in fish town, above the burger emporium, they can still see the old savoy cinema thing.
    Ah, a mad hatter chasing foxes! That’s all we need in wonderland now! Enuff!

    Nows on with other BoP happenings.

    Raffles is seriously offs his food this mourning. BoPsie was up to feed and cuddle him and she put down his food. He’s havoing absolutely none of it. Nose is furled up and … He;s ahs had the milk from the crispies! Please note, yous should not feed cat cows milk as it is not good for them. Minds yous yesterdays after anovver brunch, Raffles finished offs the eggs mess! He is good at that.

    As noted yesterday that BoP did has his Fish Pie in cheesy parsley sauce. Nows yous wants the recipe!
    Pan of onions, chopped and browned. Add two chopped mackerel fillets, two chopped codpieces. Chop some peppers, toss into pan. And shrimps. Scallop some tatties in boiling water.
    For the sauce, remember Mr Coleman comes to BoP for sauce ideas and not the other way!
    Half pint of milk, boil some and in the jug, add some parsley, cracked pepper, tinge of garlic and salt. Add four tsps of cornflour. Mix with boiled milk and add to pan. Add cheese into pan, stir inn! Stir until thick. Add to fish pie dish and top with scallop tatties. Brown off in oven. Serves four! Wes has some left overs for this night! Rite tasty and good for you!

    There, proper foods from BoP! More coming soon.

    Trafalgar Day.

    Now wes has an extra today inn BoP’s packed out Lunch Box! A Fry! A Fry’s Orange Cream! Yous don’t sees them inn the emporiums does yous? Not an Indulgence, but a pleasure! Nice!

    That is all for this Lunch Bite from BoP!

    Well, it was a celebration until …
  • oldtractoroldtractor Forumite
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    1. met some new people moving into the village
    2. picked a bunch of flowers for a friend
    3. ate a bar of chocolate
    4.its not raining !
    5. delicious coffee to drink.
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Quite a lazy day before a busy working week. Up early with doggy was a cold zero degrees and a beautiful star filled sky.

    Bathrooms are clean. Floors are swept and washed. Leaves swept (again there will be more) washing out and just about to be brought in. Had fried egg on toast at lunch.

    Caught up on Dublin Murders but feel confused!

    Nice messages from friends.

    Did a bit of weeding and pulled the big sunflower head off. It had lurched downwards and had no petals left. Not sure if there’s anything in it that the birds would like but I’ve left it there for ‘em!

    Pasta ahead for tea.
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