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Water leaking down outside walls

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  • FreeBearFreeBear Forumite
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    I would say that it is a design and construction defect - Certainly something the developers should be remedying rather than trying to wriggle out of doing anything.

    What else have they missed out when building the houses ?
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  • TELLIT01TELLIT01 Forumite
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    Developers will do anything they can to wriggle out of their responsibilities. If they won't act to correct what is pretty clearly a construction fault contact NHBC in the first instance. If no joy there, look at the small claims court after getting an independant report on the cause of the problem.
  • FuturisticFuturistic Forumite
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    We got this response:
    The roofing company have come back to us to confirm that as this is not a design/construction fault.

    Site Manager has confirmed - There is no structural defect

    Both have confirmed that it is not possible to have guttering installed as GRP bay roofs are not designed to have guttering on them.
  • G_MG_M Forumite
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    £340 sounds expensive - most of that is labour and it'snot a hard job.

    Though you'll have to consider where the downpipe leads. You can't just release the water at the foot of the wall or you'll create a new damp problem.........
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