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Howden's kitchen quote

edited 9 October 2019 at 2:17PM in Is This Quote Fair?
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  • I did research the worktops as well and there are cheaper ones around. But on that item I'm inclined to stick with Howden's since we've viewed the surface in the flesh and happy with the colour etc.

    My fear is that if we source a cheaper worksurface somewhere, and turns out we don't like the colour (possible if ordering online without the benefit of a showroom) before it's fitted, we will have to pay for return costs of £50 or more.

    The hob is going to be "wired in" - sure that isn't the right term, but you know what I mean. Not plugged into a socket.

    Good point re: delivery.
  • FreeBearFreeBear Forumite
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    blibbka wrote: »
    In the long run, it undermines our trust of him and we're more inclined to take our business elsewhere to a less ridiculous supplier.

    In these parts, we have a number of independent kitchen suppliers/installers - One I have had dealing with, source their units from a German supplier, and appliances & bits from other sources. When I was pricing up a utility area, they were undercutting Howdens by several thousand including fitting (Howdens were "supply only").

    Might be worth your while swinging past a couple of independents with the Howdens drawings and see what they quote. If you were planning on doing the installation yourself, it might not work out any cheaper, but could give you another bargaining chip to beat Howdens down further.
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  • Thanks FreeBear.

    Sent an amended pricing over showing what we consider to be a fair price based upon our comparison. Hopefully they will see sense and call an end to the obvious pricing BS.
  • FedFed Forumite
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    I'm interested to hear how you get on. We're in a similar position. Inclined to go with howdens due to the fact they are local and can come measure up and supply quickly but hate all this % off nonsense. I intended to get a quote from DIY then see if I could get Howdens to price match but they're putting under pressure to take advantage of this October deal (which seems to be a genuine sale tbf) and agree to the kitchen even if we're not ready to install till end of November. If it's only a couple of hundred then not a huge deal

    It's hard to compare quotes as we're looking at the Fairford range but the like for like items seem about 10% more on your quote.

    Out of interest how do you intend to paint your units? Have you had a quote? We were considering the chelford paintable but our designer said it was expensive and didn't look very good on the project they'd overseen before
  • Clive_WoodyClive_Woody Forumite
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    We had been advised by our fitter to wait for the October sale, but following advice on here took our DIY Kitchens quote to Howdens and asked them to price match. Our fitter said we would get a few hundred off in the sale, but by getting them to price match we saved over £1000 and didn't have to wait for the "sale".

    Given their ridiculous claims of offering 70-90% discounts then their sale is equally lacking in transparency and is resonant of Anglian Windows type sales technique of quoting a comedy price then phoning a manager and offering Bronze/Silver/Gold discounts as a one time only, never to be repeated "special offer".
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