I'm Getting Married in 2020 - Wedding Day Journey

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    Oh can i join in? I've just booked our venue at the weekend and paid the deposit. We're getting married in August 2020.
    Left a message with the celebrant and ive contacted a photographer friend.
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    Hi !!!!

    im a 2020 bride ... august 8th 2020 in ibiza !! super excited super nervous keep having nightmares that everyone is waiting for me and im not ready !!

    once i have my dress i think ill be ok !!

    including the holiday though and the wedding its around 20k which is a lot but im only planning on doing it once !! haha

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    Hey, i am also getting married on Oct, 2020. Date is not fixed but we have chosen the month because my parents also weds in this month. It will be destination wedding. I have hired a wedding planner for this who is evntwrks.com. They are giving us all information about different wedding venues and themes. Now we have to just choose a destination for our wedding. I also want to know your wedding plans. May be it can also help us.
  • Hi,

    My fiance and I have been engaged for over 12 years and have provisionally booked our wedding for November 2020 just awaiting for the registrar to get back to us with their availability....

    Exciting times 😍😍😍😍
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    Hello! Can I join? Our wedding is booked for Sat 15th August 2020.

    We have the venue and registrar booked, and I found my dress (it is a sample so heavily discounted but still £1000!!!).

    Saving up to pay as we go along, hopefully should have enough to cover the whole wedding by the time it happens. We have both taken out 0% interest credit cards to pay for things (for the protection of credit cards, and to spread the cost).

    As we go along, everything seems to cost *slightly* more than we budgeted for, and I keep on thinking of things I hadn't considered when we first costed it up (like hairdressing/make-up, favours, etc.). I imagine our total cost is gonna be about 25% higher than we anticipated, which might mean us borrowing some money.
    Wedding savings Jan 19: £1.4k. Sept 19: £7.5k. Mar 20: £12.6k
    Goal: Pay for wedding by August 2020 <3
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