Carnival Cruise Line have done a U-Turn on Thomas Cook Bookings

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Carnival Cruise Line have done a U-Turn on Thomas Cook Bookings

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We are booked on a Carnival Cruise at Christmas through Thomas Cook. When they initially went bust, Carnival contacted us both in person and via email to state that as our booking was paid in full, our booking remains valid and I was able to check in and print boarding passes etc.

Received a call today from Carnival saying that after further review, we still owe them for the cruise as they never received any money from TC. They say we have 10 days to pay or the booking will be cancelled.

I know I can claim back but with refunds taking 60 days, its a lot of money to find right now.

Do I have a leg to stand on here? The fact that they reassured us multiple times and in writing? Or am I just gonna have to pay it if I want to keep the booking?



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    The cruise line holds all the cards. If they say you are going to have to pay again then that is what you are going to have to do. There is no point turning up with a copy of the original e-mail if they aren't going to allow you to board.
    I can only assume that a mistake was made at their end when you were told full payment had been received. Maybe payment to them was in process and then pulled by those winding up TC.
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    Where were you joining the ship,did you have TC flights from the UK to the cruise terminal,as TC no longer exist you can always claim the money back and re-book the holiday.
  • OK thanks. Looks like we will have to find the money somehow.

    We booked our flights separately with Virgin so we don't appear to have ATOL protection for our cruise booking but Thomas Cook Cruise is the agent. Do I still claim from the same website ?
  • cubegamecubegame
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    I would imagine that your best bet would to ask them to defer the payment to the point at which you receive a refund.
  • Just to update this so that anyone in a similar situation doesn't get the wrong advice - ABTA are saying carnival are in the wrong here and shouldn't be asking their customers for more money. They should be the ones claiming from ABTA.
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    After their recent debacle in the news and this thread Carnival are definitely not on my list of cruise companies to consider booking with.
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