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My Kitten Eats Too Much

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Pets & Pet Care
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Pets & Pet Care
My Kitten is around 9 months old now. He really likes Felix AGAIL Kitten pouches but they do not fill him up. In a morning after he wakes me up at 6am :( he will eat a full pouch and still be so hungry he will meow for more food and then eat a bowl of go cat kitten biscuits.
I know they may not be the best quality foods but he does like them and i am on a budget.

Would it be any better if i bought the Felix Adult AGAIL pouches? Would they fill him up more or do i really need wait until he is 12 months old?


  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Is he overweight ? My vet gave me a can you feel a waistline test - hands around the tummy and feel the ribs.
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  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    Would cans of cat / kitten food not work out cheaper?
  • jackieblackjackieblack Forumite
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    A better quality food would keep him fuller for longer. Although more expensive you would need to feed a smaller quantity so not necessarily much more expensive. Also money spent on good quality food can translate into fewer vet bills later. Cheap poor quality food really is a false economy.
    At 9 months he is still growing so really needs to still be on kitten food until at least 12 months as the nutrition supports growth and development. Like any child/teen going through a growing spurt he will be more hungry at these times.
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  • _shel_shel Forumite
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    Get a slow feeder bowl. Slowing him down might help and let you see if it's just being greedy.
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  • keepcalmandstayoutofdebtkeepcalmandstayoutofdebt Forumite
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    I picked up my kitten's IAMS feed on offer - a 2kg bag lasts 6 weeks and the last one I picked up at £8 instead of £11. My kitty just grazes.
    I'll throw down some dreamies (more then 6) again at the moment this product seems to be on offer.

    My old cat I'd easily buy two whiskers sachet boxes per week at a cost of £3.50 each. I know toward the end Rags looked ever so skinny to me, but 3 weeks before she popped off when at the Vets they said she was a good weight so sometimes we, owners oversee things.

    My kitten is 5 months and weights around 2.3 - what weight is yours?
    (Can you remember the weight recorded when spayed/neutered)

  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    Are you feeding twice a day?

    According to Purina you should be feeding

    5-3 pouches daily if they're 6-12 months old.

    You could ask your vet surgery for feeding advice
  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    Also, make sure you have your kitten wormed.

    And add in dried food as well as the wet food. Most brands will say a mix of wet pouches and dry food daily.
  • Owain_MoneysaverOwain_Moneysaver Forumite
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    They're 75% water, and about 7% beef/4% tuna. Work out at about £2.50 a kg depending on the pack size.

    Aldi chicken thighs are £1.65 a kilo. Feed raw, never feed cooked bones. Chicken thighs on their own are not a complete diet.
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  • kazwookiekazwookie Forumite
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    Does the kitten need worming?

    Get it checked at the vets in case something is wrong.
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  • Fen1Fen1 Forumite
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    I am a volunteer with an animal rescue. I am not a professional, but I have a fair amount of experience with different cats and different owners.

    What does your vet say? Is he concerned?

    Is the kitten neutered? Wormed and deflead?

    What is his build? How much he should be eating is determined by that, not a blank age group. There can be a huge difference between two kitties. I once handled two siblings who differed radically. The male could be neutered at 4 months, but his sister had to wait until she was six months as she was so petite. She was completely healthy, just petite.

    Your cat may be a grazer. He may need 3 or 4, or even more , small meals a day. Feeding him only twice a day may not suit his personality or digestion.

    Have a genuine variety of foods. Cats get bored with the same food for every meal every day. Wouldn't you get bored of the same sodding meal every single day? I always keep a variety of brands with different textures and different flavours. I have about three different foods in rotation at a time ( lucky I have a fridge.) I have two cats myself. One will happily eat raw along with tinned, the other won't. They also have their own distinct likes and dislikes. Each cat is an individual, so what may suit one cat may definitely not suit another!

    Look at the ingredients list of Go Cat, whiskas etc. Then look at the ingredients list of something like lily's, Applaws, Canagan. There's a reason why the cheap brands are cheap: they are full of cruddy fillers that cats don't need like sugar, cereals, colourings. Cats are obligate carnivores. Giving them coloured sugary cereal is ridiculous.
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