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Weekly Flylady Thread 7th October 2019

edited 11 October 2019 at 12:05AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Natty68Natty68 Forumite
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    ASB hope you feel better soon hon

    I'm laying here in bed listening to Dh snoring and coughing, and the dog snoring too next to me, and I cant sleep.

    I've got my meeting tomorrow with my boss and my supervisor to discuss what is going on. I've packaged up the keys to their car, AA breakdown card and fuel card to give to them tomorrow I've also updated the log book so that's ready to give back as well. I must admit I did have a little weep as I liked the units car. had even nicknamed her - the beast!!! Dave had even given me a key ring that had had Beauty and Beast on it. I'll miss her.. Maybe I'll do a quick drive past so I can see her before I never see her again. Oops that sounds weird doesnt

    I have questions already written down to take with me, so at least I might find out some stuff at least.

    I've been quite productive the past couple of days..I've done about three hours worth of ironing, tidied the kitchen, hovered the house within an inch of its Paid off a couple of debts in full, bought a brilliant contraption- a free standing whirly gig, oh and a new cat litter box after smashing into the other one and breaking it as well as doing some damage to my arm.. Let's see if I can keep this one longer than the 4 months I had the other one.. :)

    Thank you for being here for me, I'm only sorry I didn't say anything instead of withdrawing.

    Keeping fingers crossed that Dh gets his retirement/redundancy soon, seeingvas the bank are making redundancies now.

    Going to declutter a book on the kindle xx

    :(Struggling financially :(

    :) Mortgage Free as of 20.9.17 :)
  • BadCat18BadCat18 Forumite
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    Morning all

    Travelling in to the office today so an early start, not sure how much time I will have to fly...will see what time I get home.

    Hope you all have a good day, sending supportive vibes to Natty, GWS to asb, and hugs to any who need them
  • asparklyblondeasparklyblonde Forumite
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    Morning all,

    Medicated to the max and heading to the coal face. Kitchen is tidy, DH is off today so he can unload DW, take kids to and from school etc....

    I am thinking of you all today; Natty please update us later lovely, Piggers if my lottery numbers come up this week I'll wing the cash to you, sell anything that's not nailed down and keep on keeping on...

    Jobs for tonight include the Brownie run, invoicing for DH and emailing DS school, he was apparently left sobbing in assembly yesterday (DD informed me and she is really reliable with stuff like this), and no one comforted him, he's 5 years old, I am furious...

    Have good days all xx
  • wishingthemortgaheawaywishingthemortgaheaway Forumite
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    Morning all, lots of hugs going around for you all,

    Natty, sounds like you are as prepared as you can be - game face on, you can do this.

    Asb, hope the kiddies are kind to you today and hope you get the school stuff sorted.

    Piggers, there is a bookface thing going round showing how adhd is like an iceberg, what you see is only a tenth of the story, it lists all the 'hidden' things. My friend makes 'matcha' sweets for her little one. They have worked wonders for him. She's got a peads appointment in December and is going stop giving them to him 3-4days before then she's not looking forward to that period of time. I didn't really understand adhd until she explained it to me, and it is such a misunderstood condition and I don't think it's helpfully names either. The matcha actually stimulates parts of his brain (which allows him to focus better) which seems counterintuitive when a condition has 'hyperactivity' in the title.

    Anyway... flying.
    I have deep cleaned the bathroom. It looks amazing. I am so happy. I'm about to get in my nice clean shower to wash away all the yuck I've built up getting it that way.

    Then I need to sort myself out for work later. Hubster still snoozing after an early morning home time from work today. He'd better appreciate my efforts...

    Have a good day everyone.

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  • JazeeJazee Forumite
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    Hello all.

    Some paid stuff and dailies done. Had a lovely long walk with the dogs. Going to look at the list now before more paid stuff.
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  • MademoiselleMademoiselle Forumite
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    Yesterday disappeared under lesson planning and teaching, today has been more of the same but home now and not going to gym as friend I go with (it's in her village) has a bad back and can't go. Suits me as we have had too many late nights and early starts.

    When will my daughter learn that asking me late at night to check her cv is not a good idea. She forgets it's my 2nd language so it takes me longer and is hard work. Result a grumpy mummy on the phone to her.

    Enjoying a cup of tea then will see what I get done before OH comes home.

    Not working until tomorrow afternoon so see you all in the morning for some flying.
  • BadCat18BadCat18 Forumite
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    Hi all

    Just back in from an office day. Busy one with lots of meetings, I am just going to head back out for a walk and some fresh air while it is light. Will then come back and do at least the dailies and maybe a bit of a flap about with the list!

    Back later with an update x
  • ValliValli Forumite
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    not getting any easier and I'm beyond livid that I've had to clear away after a colleague. But PE had a bright moment. We'd had balls out; I needed them putting away so shouted 'Balls to the shed' then had to hide my (puerile) smirk. Good job they're innocent Y1s/.
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    Thank you Honey Bear
  • FayolleFayolle Forumite
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    Hugs all round to everyone struggling, especially Pigpen, ASB and Natty x. If my number comes up, Piggers, the money will be on its way.

    Nothing of any worth to report today. I did change our bed before I went to work, and the bedding is now queuing for the wm. DH has been away to HB land, and has just got back. I predict snoring in the armchair before long.

    The bed settee for the ex RoD arrives tomorrow. Just need to get the junk out of the room that DH keeps piling in there.
  • roundtuitroundtuit Forumite
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    Get me - popping in on a Wednesday :D

    WM x 1 draped on the airer
    dry clothes - previously on the airer - folded ready to take up
    rubbish bags knotted and put in dustbin
    cans rinsed and recycled
    bin and recycling box put out ready for binmen tomorrow
    changed Sweetie's seed and water
    made my bed
    fed the birds
    paid the rent
    full day at paid stuff too
    not in that order though :D

    Love, get well soons, hugs, and posivibes being sent to all
    Rosemary Ikpeme
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