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* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread

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  • aimeemumaimeemum Forumite
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    Tesco order done for this week. On there I have:

    2 x festive friends boxes (either for the kids to eat as treats or for raffle prizes for the school fair :rotfl:)
    1 jar of redcurrant jelly
    1 jar of seafood sauce

    It's starting to get exciting now :rudolf:
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  • Well Amazon has been my friend and im nearly done for 3 of my little darlings. Have to get a steam card for my eldest and some bits for my youngest then all 4 of them will be finished apart from stockings. I need to get cracking on family presents now. I have a few ideas but need to get on with those.
  • princesskitty29princesskitty29 Forumite
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    I had a morning to myself last week so did a bit more Christmas shopping. I picked up a rocket puzzle for Wiggle, a bag of mini Toblerones for my dad, a small crossword puzzle book and a bag of humbugs for my FiL’s stocking, a Nivea strawberry lip balm for my friends stocking, a tube of orange Smarties for my SiL and some chocolate coins for the boys stockings. I also ordered online a harvester transporter Lego set for Wiggle and a box of socks from Oddsocks for my soon to be SiL, they are what they say on the box – odd socks! They all have a flamingo theme but each sock has a different pattern, she always wears odd socks so I thought they would be perfect for her.

    Happy belated birthday freespirit! _party_ It sounds like you had a lovely day with your children and it's nice you got to spoil yourself a bit.

    Hanckocks I was trying not to put too much plastic in party bags this year and one of the things I put in there that went down well was little envelopes with wildflower seeds in.

    mandco well done to your DS on passing his test! Great idea with the car care kit, I have bought one for my brother as he is always worried about breaking down! What about things like a de-mister, ice scraper etc? When my friend passed her driving test I bought her a keyring that had the date she passed engraved on it. Oh and what about those tins of ‘travel sweets’? My parents always had those in the car! :p

    nic I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had a troubling time, please do keep coming on here and checking in, we are always here. I hope this new medication works for you. Sending big hugs xx

    Welcome back alja, I remember you! Good to see you back.

    noodles gosh you mentioning the ‘Seventeen’ range took me back to my youth too! :rotfl:

    Hello and welcome heebie! :wave:
  • heebie-jeebiesheebie-jeebies Forumite
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    mandco a couple of ideas for your DS - a car first aid kit, a tyre compressor or what about a dash cam?
  • heebie-jeebiesheebie-jeebies Forumite
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    Have any of you come across sweet tubes? I always used to get a milkybar one for my nephew and I seem to recall a haribo one but haven’t seen them in any supermarket yet this year. My BIL doesn’t like chocolate and I’m hoping he’s going to spend Xmas day with us so I want to do him a stocking which means I need things to put in it!
  • aljaalja Forumite
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    Alja never done that one but some ideas you could potentilly use.

    Sight - picture frame so they can have a nice photo to look at
    - coloured kalaidoscope for a bit of fun
    - pocket mirror

    Smell - scented candle
    - fruity bodywash
    - seeds to grow herbs

    Touch - fidget cube/pen/gadget
    - stress ball

    Sound - headphones for them to listen to their music
    - bluetooth speaker

    Thank you sooo much! You've got some great ideas there that I've not thought of :)
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  • aljaalja Forumite
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    Thank you princesskitty! :)

    I spotted sloth bits in Sainsburys the other day...

    And another vote for MUA makeup here, I love their bits. Cruelty free and really affordable too!

    No more present buying just yet, but I'm off shopping with a friend at the weekend so I've written a list of bits to pick up. Both my parents have sent me their Christmas lists too as I requested them to help me get them the things they really want/need.
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  • mandcomandco Forumite
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    heebie-jeebies I've seen the small tubes of sweets this week in sainsburys and wilko so other places should have them soon.

    aija the 5 senses idea sounds really good its not something I've done specifically before but I might have to give it a go

    Sounds like some of you are doing well on the present front

    Asda have started putting out xmas food not much today but picked up some large choc coins 59p for the kids stockings. They have some nice xmas themed mason jars £2 each.

    Poundland have bags of mini toblerone for £1 this week reg or white choc

    Got ds a torch first aid kit for his car hamper -thanks for the ideas for other things. also got him a hollister tshirt reduced to £4 from £19 :D

    flying tiger have been doing a £1 table and today they had loads of the tiger themed stationary items from the summer on it so got some for taz's stationary hamper also picked him up a tiger head pillow again £1
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  • stirchleygirlstirchleygirl Forumite
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    hi all

    id lik to jon

    sory for the bad spelinining but im disabld and sufrinining a relaps so my ability to spel has gon to pot but hop yu can stil understand me

    just spent last 9 hour redinining this thred from the start

    as im curntly of work and mostly bedridn at the momnt im tryinining to mak the most of my carers not havinining to get me washd and dressd for work in the mornininings or undressd in the eve nininings so ovr the last few weks I got them to gathr all my gift stash boxs from arund the hows into a singl plac - my bedrom wer I can see them - and I didn't reliz id got so much stuff (things I by thru out the year usualy on offr - especly avon toyletris as the avon lady delivrs - I havnt ben able to go shopinining for years so getinining stuf delivrd is esental for me) or stuf that iv ben givn that I don't want or can no longr us du to my disability so im regiftiniining them)

    iv don a 'file then save as' of last years spred sheet - this is esental as I hav memry problems so spred sheet helps me kep trak of hoo I ned to get gifts for what I got for them or ideas to get them how much iv budgetd for each person and wat I actaly spent I also coler cod it to show if I have the gift - if the gift has ben wrapd - if the gift has ben postd or givn to the person

    with ther help iv alocatd gifts for nerly evryon on the list wich includes the birthdays and wed anivs that are in nov dec and jan so im doinining rely wel

    im very tied now so ill post mor tomorow
    I am disabled 11 years with CFS/ME and also have problems with my working memory
  • lazysheeplazysheep Forumite
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    Mrs_Ryan wrote: »
    Yayyyyyy! Popsy in the wild!
    (Apologies If you’re not on the Facebook group:D it means hello fellow Popsy lover :D)

    Me too *waves*
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