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PC Gaming VS Console Gaming - What's your opinion

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  • SergSerg Forumite
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    For sure my choice is PS4! Huge screen, great gaming atmosphere and very comfortable gamepads have advantage comparing to computer. That's like my favorite King Billy Casino and makes you crazy:j
  • UncleFeushyUncleFeushy
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    Consoles are fun to play with but PC will always win
  • motorguymotorguy Forumite
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    Consoles are fun to play with but PC will always win

    "Fun to play" is exactly what most people want from a gaming device though.
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  • Console gaming is more affordable than PC gaming. You can buy one for as little as $250 and still play each and every available game at 1080p. That package will even include the controller, one or two games, and possibly more.
  • scaredofdebtscaredofdebt Forumite
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    I have a reasonably well-specced PC and an XBOX One, plus a 360.

    I prefer the PC for more strategy type games, ie I love the Total War series, but I do like the simplicity of consoles too, I play the F1 series of games on the X Box.

    If you like strategy type games, go for the PC, if you want more arcade type games then the console.

    If you like both then the PC wins but if you're on a budget consoles are better value.

    All just my opinion of course!
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  • I have been gaming since the 80's on console and PC's from the ZX Spectrum, to Sega Megadrive and to the PS4 and my gaming rigs, I would say driving games win every time on a console but you cannot beat a mouse and keyboard for shooters and RTS games, I use an XBox controller on my PC for mainly Lego games and JC2 and 3, not much difference between PC and PS4 for these games just faster on the PC, my daughter plays Minecraft on both.....and she always goes to the PC for that.
    GTA series I used the mouse and keyboard mostly but controller for driving.

    There are hardly any games that make use of 2 cores let alone 4 or 6, I go for the highest MHz for gaming, I had a 6 core 3.8MHz 6300FX and was very good but have gone down to 4 core 1300X for my new rig and hardly any difference, it was mainly the fact it runs 65W instead of 95W, cooler CPU.
  • My son likes gaming on PC more than consoles. I'm not really an expert so I don't have a lot of value to add to this conversation but I guess at the end it would mostly be personal preference. Although I suppose some games are only exclusive to consoles/pc.
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    Trevor_JestyTrevor_Jesty Forumite
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    Exactly, I agree with you, I always prefer my PC over my PS3. In PC my controls are better and also the graphics. Also I feel better to play with PC. And I love to play slots sometimes as well... they only work on PC or mobile phone.
  • Honestly I believe a console gamer would not enjoy PC gaming and vice versa. I am a PC gamer and tried overwatch both on PC and Console and the two are insanely different. Theres an advantage to PC gamers on cross platform games in my opinion because the mouse just gives you more direct control in terms of movement and angles
  • Hi. You can read a reddit topic`s for this
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