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Money Moral Dilemma: Should we split our holiday refund?

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  • mrpunk50mrpunk50 Forumite
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    Give your friend 20% of the money he paid. Unless the holiday company has "explicitly stated" that they are giving him a 40% refund on his money, and nothing for you. :cool:

    Obviously we are only hearing one half of the story, but your friend sounds very selfish in this story.
  • kimplus8kimplus8 Forumite
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    The company has given you an overall refund of 20%, that is for both of you.
    Therefore he is entitled to 20% of his half of the money. The face they have given you some too is nothing to do with him.
    Regardless of who made the complaint you both stayed there, both paid and should both benefit from the compensation refunded to you.
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  • Deedee9Deedee9 Forumite
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    The refund was 20% on the whole cost of the holiday - so give them their half - not all of it. The company has made the refund based on the fact that only one of you would deal with a complaint anyway - but two of you were on the holiday so you were both affected.

    The wording of the response is key.
  • warby68warby68 Forumite
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    The circumstances behind a so-called friend trying to claim purely for themselves is probably the key as its unusual. Did the friend want you to complain as the booker and payer and you didn't want to ? Did you argue? Were you being blamed for the rubbish accommodation? If that's the case then probably it is all due to the friend from the moral perspective. IF the friend was just trying to take advantage of your more relaxed attitude and get a 'double' refund for themselves, then that's not really a friend and they might be getting their comeuppance as you have control of the funds and the refund did cover both of you.

    It doesn't seem like a true 'friends' situation. Proper friends would probably split the money and the one who did the work would get some other favour or treat from the one who didn't.
  • No you should not split it. Not a moral thing in my opinion.

    The compensation was 20% and not a fixed amount. Even though it was 1 complaint, they have refunded both of you. Or would they have refunded 40% if you both complained?

    Your friend loses nothing. And they shouldn’t be upset that you also gain.

    Although technically you should probably tell the company you don’t want your half and return it to them if you have no complaint yourself about the holiday.
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    gaving7095gaving7095 Forumite
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    You paid on your card, that in its self is a risk / hassle so in my mind you're certainly due a share of the refund.
    Mind you, just the fact that you were on the holiday & paid for your share would entitle you to some of the refund in my opinion anyway.
    Your friend sounds rather unreasonable to me. Writing an e-mail or letter of compliant is hardly a massive inconvenience.
    Thankfully I've never had a friend like that, so I can't be sure what I'd do, other than take this scenario (whatever the outcome) as a cue to distance myself from that person.
    If your "friend" doesn't see sense in sharing, then resolve the financial issue by doing whatever feels right to you, then ghost them. Life's too short to spend any of it arguing with supposed "friends" over money.
  • PotbellypigPotbellypig Forumite
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    Right off the bat I thought I'd give them the 20% and find a new friend. You don't need people like that in your life. But my only question would be did you sleep in different rooms/apartments? If so, then was the friends room bad and yours was good. If so, then I can kind of see why they would expect the full 20%. For me, the correct answer is the refund should be split 50/50.
  • Give him half and tell him to get lost. You don't need friends like that.
  • You both experienced the same holiday, and the same "poorness", and presumably paid 50-50, so it is fair and right and proper that the refund is shared 50-50 regardless of who made the complaint. To claim 100% because they made the complaint (for themselves and not on behalf of you both??? Unbelievable).

    Some friend - not. pay the 50% to them ans say farewell.
  • You did the work booking the holiday, I assume. Did the friend pay anything to you for that work or did they just sit back.
    Give them their portion of the refund verbally but tell them you are deduction the same value for the work involved doing all of the planning and booking. No need for any money to change hands.
    You did your work at the start, they did their work at the end of the holiday. In every group holiday, there is always at least one person who is happy to "go along with what you book". For that, read "you do the work because I do not want to".
    ...... and as others have said, find a new friend with similar beliefs to you.
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