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Utility Warehouse (Telecom Plus) Discussion

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  • Billco_2Billco_2 Forumite
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    Just gonna chime in here with my personal experience, as someone who's been badly burned by MLM "scams" in the past, I think its important to realise that the lowlifes that will sell their own Grandmother something she doesn't need, shouldn't be allowed to tarnish the greater picture.

    My friends brother got talking to me at a recent party because I was having an absoloute knightmare with Scottish Power, and had been promised smart meters (as a way to switch over from prepay to direct debit) but were never delivered, he told me all about this company Utility Warehouse and how great their customer service was. He also was straight up with what he got paid by getting me to switch, which I was happy with given the time he spent telling me about it.

    Since switching, I paid 100 pound deposit on the switch over date and had our smart meters fitted within a week, am now on direct debit which is what I really wanted. Stay with them a year, get my 100 pound back and then go cheaper if needed.

    We lost out on our warm home discount because we switched about 3 days before it was meant to be paid by Scottish Power. I had previously enquired with UW about it and got told no no its fine you won't lose it. Soon as I realised I had lost it, I made a phone call and within an hour had a call back saying they had credited my account with 150 to compensate the warm home discount.

    So my personal experience, thus far has been fantastic. Customer service has always been helpful and kept me in the loop, I am also managing my mums house which I switched to UW from EDF last month and they have been great with all that, compared to the "service" I received from a big name like Scottish Power, its been night and day.
  • Can anyone tell me if you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to join UW? sales rep didn’t mention that when they approached us. Also we noticed the pushiness to sign up, and an answer for everything!

    Thank you

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  • No I never had to pay a subscription all you do is get them to join different companies, electric Gas Broadband ect it could be getting confused with the cashback card which you put money on it and you get cash back on it.
  • I had smart meters installed last week by Utility Warehouse.

    The guy gave me the smart energy monitor and advised that he can't set it up as the system is down.

    I ring UW customer services (took 20 mins to get through) and asked how long the system will be down for and they advised at least 8-10 weeks! Apparently there is a software issue. They did say that they should be able push out the update remotely.

    8-10 weeks seems excessive and I am wondering if any other UW customers are having similar issues before I go into writing to them.
  • Bump. I'm assuming no one else has an issue with their smart energy monitor?
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  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Bump. I'm assuming no one else has an issue with their smart energy monitor?

    I suspect there aren't many UW customers on this forum. Why did you choose UW?
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    PagettPagett Forumite
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    Robin9 wrote: »
    I suspect there aren't many UW customers on this forum. Why did you choose UW?

    Surely not serious?

    Have you read this thread? It has over 3500 posts discussing the supplier. I think this is the second such thread, the first having been locked at it was considered too long [STRIKE](ok, so this one is now even longer, but that's not the point)[/STRIKE](Actually, I've just double checked and the previous thread has over 10,000 replies posted!)

    And you suspect there aren't many UW customers here, afterall??? :huh: :cool:
  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Pagett - They may have been here and now gone to other suppliers.(like me)

    PS Do you use your IHD ?
    Never pay on an estimated bill
  • Hi All, I haven't posted on here for a long long time... but something has got me so angry that I wanted to warn everyone not to use the utility warehouse discount club (telecom plus). They are on a mission to be the "UK's most trusted supplier"...But I think they have jsut failed, with some very sneaky terms and conditions.

    They have sneaky disconnection fee's and even charge utility warehouse customers for porting mobile phone numbers away from the utility warehouse discount club. I don't know any other company who charges to port a number away ?????

    And if you have their mobile phone service, you can't even text the number to get the PAC code as utility warehouse discount club see's it as a premium rate number!! And so you have to call and sit in a queue for a very long period of time to try and get a PAC code, to be told they will charge to port the number away.

    Years ago I was a distributor, back when they were actually the cheapest GAS/Electricity... it was a simple job of getting people quotes and time and time again we were the cheapest, people just joined.. then over the years the company grew and things changed.

    Calls took ages for customers to get through, prices increased, the mobile package became uncompetitive... and the meetings for distributors became like a cult energy geek convention. So I left as a distributor, it was just to hard to get new customers.

    However I loved one bill concept so I remained a customer for years after... then a few years back I left as a customer. However some people I knew remained as customers, and took advantage of deals offered by the company. A lot of them "gold" customers, as in they took all services with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

    So this month I helped a very close family member of mine to get better deals. Sadly all the deals where not with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club... so we started the process of switching.

    Mobile Phone - Tried to text the national number to switch it didnt go through as it is a "premium rate number" on UWDC... and so my family member had to call waiting over 20 minutes... the advisor told her that there would be a charge to port the number over... or she can just leave not take her number and not be charged... !!!!!! who on earth charges customers to port a mobile number away ?

    Broadband - moved to another provider and now a letter has arrived demanding £10 for a disconnection fee ontop of the 30 days notice period Broadband cost and line rental. Again what other company charges a disconnection fee for broadband ??

    Gas/electrictiy - The process of switching has started... so who knows what fee's they will charge.

    To clarify all the accounts were in credit, not once was a payment missed, a customer for over 5 years on gold tarrifs. And as soon as you try and leave... BAM charges everywhere just for leaving??

    I am shocked and feel let down by the Utility Warehouse Discount Club. I urge everyone to avoid using this company.. on a mission to be the nations most trusted supplier.. as long as you don't leave and like paying higher prices to pay the shareholders and upper members of their MLM distributor network you will be okay.

    Moan over. Utility Warehouse Discount Club.. AVOID
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