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knowing if i can sing or not

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knowing if i can sing or not

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britishboybritishboy Forumite
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totally random, so please bear with me, I've learn a Thai song, probably the most famous song of all time, word for word (by ear) and want to know how good or bad I sound. Ive video'd myself singing but can still hear my UK/London accent

How can i improve? Would singing lessons in the UK help, or not really?
I'd love to confidence one day to get up in Thialand and sing it, but at present, its sadly confined to the shower and car :(


  • Voyager2002Voyager2002 Forumite
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    Well now... it is possible to be a really good singer and have a British accent. And singing lessons will surely help.

    I think you should upload that video to Youtube and rely on the feedback you get. You could also upload to a site like Weibo that is used by Thai people in order to get some expert opinions.
  • unrecordingsunrecordings Forumite
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    So you want to sound convincing singing in Thai ? I guess first step is how is your spoken pronunciation ? Once you have that covered then singing it should be a lot easier. I'd start with speaking the lyrics, then singing at a much slower tempo, working towards singing at the correct tempo. Singing lessons will definitely help with things like confidence & breath control, but may not really be much use to get the Thai element nailed (unless you hook up with someone from the Thai community over here)

    Why am I in this handcart and where are we going ?
  • One thing I learned when I was still studying Korean is it really helps to watch shows or listen to songs (even just people talking) to try to emulate the way they sound. I find it becomes easier to speak and sing if I'm very familiar with the sounds. Of course singing lessons can help too! And maybe check covers of the song you memorized? Good luck!
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