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Expenses (motor) for charity work

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cookie666cookie666 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Charities
We are in the process of reimbursing our volunteers for using their cars to visit people and make drop-offs etc.

I've seen the form for setting this up and the HMRC guidelines but can't see what I need to ensure that these volunteers are covered for their car insurance. Most policies have Social, domestic, pleasure and commuting to a single place of work, but as it's not work, is this covered? What if the volunteer is retired etc.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    I'd say NOT covered and each volunteer needs to speak to their insurer about this.

    If there's a charge, wiĺl you reimburse?
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  • cookie666cookie666 Forumite
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    That's what I'd thought Sue, yes we would reimburse.
  • unforeseenunforeseen Forumite
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    I would say that even though it is voluntary then business cover would be needed.

    Charity status is neither here nor there. It is still a business and they are carrying out driving for the business.
  • leylieleylie Forumite
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    I've not heard that any of the Volunteers (from the organisation I'm invovled with) have been charged extra. But it does need to be declared.
    Here's the official guidance: (You can check this reference source through

    Insurance for volunteer drivers
    If your organisation owns the vehicle being used by a volunteer, it is responsible for arranging insurance.

    If the volunteer owns the vehicle, they are responsible for arranging insurance. They should inform their insurer that they are using it as part of a volunteering role.

    The Association of British Insurer’s Volunteer Driving – The Motor Insurance Commitment (PDF, 781KB) lists insurance companies that don’t charge extra premiums for volunteer driving.
  • cookie666cookie666 Forumite
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    Many thanks for all your help all
  • KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    I used to be a volunteer for a national charity, using a car was essential as I was transporting myself & dog! I was paid car expenses (mileage)
    I just told my insurer that I was a volunteer and my insurance covered that.(There was no extra premium.)
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    Many thanks

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