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Gatwick to London - Oyster more expensive than single/return ticket?!

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Gatwick to London - Oyster more expensive than single/return ticket?!

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mrleee3mrleee3 Forumite
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I regularly commute from Gatwick train station to London Bridge around 3 times a week and have been using an oyster card which is £30.20 return (peak). I was looking at train fares on the national rail site and found buying a normal return ticket (peak) is £21.10 - almost 30% cheaper! I am so annoyed about this especially as Oyster/contactless is promoted as the cheapest option, even by the staff at Gatwick! Does anyone know why this is and whether there is a way to get Oyster at the same price as a ticket? It is so inconvenient queuing for a ticket machine at Gatwick at rush hour! Thanks


  • giraffe69giraffe69 Forumite
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    Southern Railways say
    "Whilst a daily cap will apply; it is important to be aware that it will not always be cheaper than buying a return paper ticket. There will also be a weekly price cap for those using a Contactless card or mobile device; but it will still be cheaper to buy a season ticket on the Key Smartcard or paper"
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    bubieyehyehbubieyehyeh Forumite
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    There is way to use oyster reduce each way to £21.20, saving £9 a day, but you it requires a little more time and inconvience. Get off at east croydon, leave and immediately re-enter the station.

    Alteratively you can get the southern key smartcard and activate keygo, which will charge paper ticket price to your card the following morning.
  • jbuchanangbjbuchanangb Forumite
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    Or - if you know when your next trip is going to be, book on-line and collect the ticket from the machine at Gatwick in the evening when your return from the previous trip. Queues at machine probably shorter, and less time pressure.
  • yorkie2yorkie2 Forumite
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    There are several myths regarding Oyster:

    - that it eliminates loopholes, anomalies and that it is never cheaper to tap out mid-way through a journey and tap back in again (aka "splitting");
    - that it is always cheaper;
    - that the fares for travel at 'peak' times are always reasonable (they often aren't!);
    - that the times defined as 'peak' are always the same as for paper tickets (again, they often aren't!)
    - that Railcard holders can get a discount at all times, including all times when paper tickets would be discounted such as the evening peak

    As this thread proves, these myths are all false.
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