I want to buy a Alien ware gaming PC

Hey everyone,

I've been saving money for last 10 months now and I have sufficient amount of money I guess to order parts online and build a PC by myself also I'm not that good with parts can anyone tell me which parts should I purchase so that my PC won't glitch while playing games. Also I will be streaming soon so I guess I have to choose a certain type of graphic card so good support.

Can anyone suggest me what parts to get? And from where?
Any help is appreciated, Thank you!


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    Buying a prebuilt PC is fine. You'll pay a bit more than building it yourself but if that means it works properly then that's money well spent. Of course if you want to build one yourself that's fine too, as long as you go to the effort of building it properly.

    Your post title mentions Alienware but the body of your post says that you want to buy the parts and build it yourself. Which is it?

    Rather than us telling you exactly what to buy it would be better if you spec'ed something up yourself and we can suggest improvements or whether you've chosen a well balanced build.

    What's your budget? This is usually a good starting point when deciding what to buy.

    Also, what specific games do you want to play? Do you want your PC to be future proofed? Your budget will also dictate how future proofed your PC can be as well.
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    If you are building yourself (which I would recommend over the inflated prices of alienware), take a look at https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/
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    Alienware usually overprice.

    What is your budget?
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    Hi Paul, welcome to the forum

    You have not replied in a while but I will put this out, Scan is a large computer outlet company on the outskirts of Greater Manchester and very well known in these parts to the North as well as being considered as one of the best in the UK based on the thousands of five star reviews, go to them and they will likely build your pc, and I believe it is either free on top of the component parts for upgrading or about £50 for a new build, which to be fair is very reasonable. :D

    Nvidia even runs events here for their brand new graphics cards on occasion.


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    Alienware is a brand of computer, owned by Dell.

    I'm thinking maybe you've seen a twitcher with one or have been recommended an Alienware PC?

    You can't build your own Alienware, you can assemble the parts yourself and make a similar system but it won't be an Alienware. (Think of buying a kit car and wanting a Ford Mustang, you can make it almost look like a Mustang, but it's not a Mustang).

    Alienware in my own experience are overpriced are prone to overheating and when anything goes wrong they're not interested. I had an Alienware gaming laptop a while ago and it broke just after the warranty expired, they wouldn't entertain any thoughts of helping me so it's not a brand I can, or ever will recommend.

    If you're not too savvy with computers, I would just buy a pre-built system (non-alienware!) ... check out Overclockers (or Scan mentioned above, both great companies that offer great systems), they do some good customiseable systems ... tell us your budget and we can help you out further.
  • Building a computer for the first time can be a nightmare and costly if you don't do it right, first you need to decide which parts like AMD or Intel, AMD are cheaper for CPU's and are very good for Ryzen CPU, mainboard I would be looking to the AM4 450 or 470, cooler the top down coolers are the best from AMD, the Wrath Prism is a fantastic cooler with cool RGB lighting, but will cool the components around the CPU, in my opinion essential now, the mofets can get very hot.

    You need a NVMe m.2 drive too for fast boot, a good PSU like Corsair 550W upwards, dependent on what Gfx card you want to use, if you want two Gfx cards you will need more powerful PSU, a good case can make things easier to install, ram I would go for a good brand like Corsair Vengance or Kingston Hyper X, RGB I used Adata XPG Spectrix some of the best RGB lighting I have seen on ram, 16GB min if you can afford it 32GB, always buy two stick so it runs in dual channel, setting up windows on an NVMe drive you can find some great videos on you tube, do your research first.

    CCL Computers are fantastic for first timers, if you have problems with any parts from them they will pay for return and test at no extra cost then return it to you for free even if no fault if found, what more could you ask for, they are very cheap too.
    If you need to keep costs down then you can look to ebay and CEX for second hand parts, the CPU can be a good cost saver second hand, CEX also offer two year guarantee on all parts too.
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