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John Lewis Card Payment Charged Twice

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John Lewis Card Payment Charged Twice

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DigimortalDigimortal Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Credit Cards
So John Lewis' partnership cards website updated recently and has a huge host of issues, namely:

- Logging out within a few minutes without notice
- Convoluted (more secure) login procedure
- Exports to excel both credits and debits are indistinguishable
- Exports to excel are in text only and require numerical formatting to perform calculations.
- UI is less intuitive to filter and sort

On the plus side you can now see pending transactions, yey!

However the big issue I had was using the payments system, I cleared my credit card and received two emails with the same time stamp thanking me for payment.

- On the Monday I then had two payments taken from my Current account.
- I rang JL, to be told the issue had nothing to do with the updates, which is laughable as no one investigated this, they just knew it as fact off the bat.
- I was told in their systems only 1 payment can be seen.
- I was told the missing money would just reappear in my current account within 24 hours
- After waiting 2 days nothing appeared in my current account, I so complained to JL on twitter who escalated my case, a few days later, no one has got in touch.
- I have now spoken to HSBC who gave me 2 transaction ID's but right now I am really fed up and tired and stressed out over losing a couple of grand.

Any advice anyone can share, or has anyone else had a similar experience?



  • 18cc18cc Forumite
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    Not had the same experience but under the dd guarantee scheme your bank must immediately and without prevaricating refund you any erroneous direct debits back to your current account.
  • Terry_TowellingTerry_Towelling Forumite
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    Sorry, it's not completely clear what has happened.

    You say you cleared the credit card but you don't say how. If you paid it by bank transfer, it is not going to be a problem with the credit card system if 2 payments were taken. If you paid it by debit card or direct debit, then it will (almost certainly) be a problem within the credit card system.

    Can you tell us whether the transaction IDs that HSBC has provided are 23 digits long?
  • Hi, it was paid via the JL web application not through a standard money transfer through my current account website or app.

    It asks for debit card details, so not cleared via Direct Debit, I believe the fault to be with JL at this point and HSBC has confirmed two separate transaction request IDs for the same amount.
  • Terry_TowellingTerry_Towelling Forumite
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    It's not beyond the bounds of possibility for this to be a batch duplication of transactions which could be awaiting Reversal - but that is a slim chance, as it would have affected many people and we'd have probably heard about it by now from other sources.

    I'd probably be inclined to show JL an extract of your banking records showing the duplication, but if they still deny taking payment twice, you can ask HSBC to raise a Chargeback for duplicate processing. A word of warning, though. Things could get a bit messy if JL sticks to its line of 'only one transaction' and removes your payment from your account as a result of the Chargeback.
  • So I finally got a resolution, after complaining to JL an HSBC complaints manager was assigned, they admitted fault and that it was related to the resent web changes with multiple users affected.

    The money has now been returned and some credit applied to my account as a form of compensation.

    If anyone else had a similar issue, make sure you get a complaint logged either through JL twitter or the call centre and speak with HSBC to get the evidence you need showing duplicate transactions and those IDs.

    Resolution took around two weeks due to the increased volume of complaints around the online changes made.
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