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Threats to UK pension savers

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  • AnotherJoeAnotherJoe Forumite
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    So, Not as clear cut as the OP imagined i suspect !
    My favourite is ffa's summary.
  • chiefiechiefie Forumite
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    Market performance
  • sandsysandsy Forumite
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    Gradual increase on reliance of DC rather than DB.
    DC contributions too low.
    Ongoing tinkering with pension rules.
  • JoeCrystalJoeCrystal Forumite
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    I would say that the three main threats are the following:

    The low returns in the pension funds not meeting expectation, not keeping up with the inflation and the government changing the pension rules to the savers' disadvantages.
  • ThrugelmirThrugelmir Forumite
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    Preference for investing in property rather than real wealth creating assets.
    “Markets have been so good for so long, that many investors are trivialising the advanatages of actively managing portfolio risk" - Gervais Williams
  • Normally I'd pass on without comment but since (i) the thread isn't an important one and (ii) the trolls have got multiple thanks, I'm going to take the bait.

    1. Rising tide of protectionism around the world.
    2. Internal wars in Tory party while they remain in government
    3. Takeover of Tory party by extreme right wing fanatics.
  • TurpinrTurpinr Forumite
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    Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson and a no deal Brexit
    Boris Johnson, no deal Brexit or Brexit
    Boris Johnson, his right wing government being propped up by Nigel Farage and Johnson's reliance on Rasputin Cummings
  • ApodemusApodemus Forumite
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    National insurance becoming chargeable on pension income - probably necessary, possibly essential but will make a big difference to income predictions.
  • ex-pat_scotex-pat_scot Forumite
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    Risks are threefold:
    - political
    - financial
    - cultural

    Tinkering of the rules. Particularly on annual allowance, lifetime allowance. Tax relief.
    Changing age of access to pension (currently 55).
    Inheritance tax changes (for those relying on inheriting from parents).

    Continued QE and its eventual unwinding.
    Declining standing of British economy (and FX rates)
    The delusion that you can't go wrong with bricks and mortar (and political risk on tax treatment of rental properties)
    NI on pension income.

    The delusion that 3% contributions will somehow guarantee a comfortable retirement.
    The expectation that state pension is adequate, and can be lowered to 60 for WASPIs
  • MalthusianMalthusian Forumite
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    Future restrictions on contributions (further cuts to the AA, LTA, withdrawal of tax relief, etc)
    Not saving enough
    Crap investments (e.g. absolute return)
    The Labour Party

    ...I'll come in again.
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