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RT's path to MF

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  • Time to get this diary started properly now, the past 6 months have flown past with learning how to be a single parent and trying to balance that out with work. Work has been stressful but I'll get in to that in a future post.

    DS has done fantastically at settling in to his school over here, he's been much calmer and although there were some initial problems at school these have become much less common and he has really opened up, 1 of the biggest challenges we had was that when he got in trouble or there were any incidents then he'd completely close up and refuse to talk and if he did say anything then he just claimed he couldn't remember what had happened, but now he'll actually come to me first and tell me without me having to ask.

    We had a moment shortly before school holidays when he had decided out of the blue that he wanted to move back to Switzerland despite up until that point being adament he wanted to stay here, so his mum flew over and we all talked it through letting him have the choice but emphasied that he couldn't change once school had started back again and he persisted that he was moving back to Swiss, then the night his mum went back I found him in bed crying his eyes out and saying he wanted to stay here. He was missing his mum and sisters which is why he wanted to go back but he knows that he has been getting on much better here and has loads more friends. So he's here now for this school year, has been really happy since that "moment" and actually much more settled than beforehand.

    In terms of finances, I spent a little more than planned when first moving in to our flat on furniture and appliances so savings were on hold for a couple of months, but things have been back on track and my current balances are:

    £191,208 Mortgage (No OPs yet)
    £1000 finance on 0% for my sofa
    £7500 on a 0% credit card with 20 months left on the majority of it.

    £11,250 S&S ISA (Vanguard LS80)
    £7500 Savings to offset the credit card and in preparation to pay it off when the 0% expires, although I'll probably end up shifting the CC debt to a 0% balance transfer and keep the savings going

    The current plan is to put £400/month in to the S&S ISA and £600/month in to savings. When the rate in any of the saving accounts drop below the mortgage rate I will take that and make an OP on the mortgage.
  • It's been a bit of an expensive week, had to get someone out to fix some plumbing issues, turns out the problem was something I could have sorted myself but had been advised it was likely to be a boiler issue so sought professional help. So that was £70, but at least I know where to look if this comes up again.

    I also had a £380 bill from my podiatrist, part of it for diagnosis and the main chunk for some custom orthotics, I've had ongoing ankle issues for years from some injuries when I was younger, all manageable up until a few months ago but since then has been causing much more pain and I've not been able to run for more than about 15-20 minutes without it flaring up badly. Having had no real help from my GP who has consistently just told me to rest it and take pain killers I figured I'd take the plunge and get a specialist to check it out. He did an ultra sound on it and has pinpointed where the issue is (a pretty destroyed ligament) and is hopeful that we'll be able to manage it without having to resort to surgery. I've got some ambitious running challenges I'd like to complete so hopefully this is the start of the road to recovery.

    DS and I did got treated to a day out today to a local waterpark as a thank you from my friend who I rescued a few weeks back when he arrived at the airport and realised he'd left his wallet at home. So it's been a fun day and finally satisfied DS as he's been going on about going there for weeks.
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    I've had 2 new staff start at work this week, so have had to travel to the office for a few days for induction and training but back home this evening. DS has been staying with my parents for a couple of days, he always complains about having to stay with them yet I think he secretly loves it as he get's much more freedom for playing video games than he does when he's at home.

    I've gone through the process of opening some new bank accounts over the past few weeks to grab the switching bonuses, so have bagged Natwest @ £150, and the Barclays Blue Rewards which should be £120 after 12 months, I could have qualified for the Barclays Premier and got the extra, but the hassle of having to move so much in to Barclays isn't worth it as it isn't going to be my main bank account. I also opened up an HSBC account but I don't think I'm going to get the switching bonus, it's been a right pain, the account has been open for a few weeks now and I still haven't got online access, so I've completely lost faith in them, I will be using the 5% regular saver though once I finally get access to the account.

    More excitingly, I have been sorting out a little holiday/13th birthday present for DD, I had a BA 2-4-1 voucher and a load of Avios, so we're heading to LA in business class, I haven't decided on where we are going to stay yet but unlikely to stay in LA for the whole trip, I'm considering heading down to San Diego for a few days. I'm really looking forward to getting away, despite how much flying I've done over the past few years I've had very few actual holidays.

    Nothing much on the finance front this week, I'm moving my ISA to a cheaper provider, a little disconcerting for the couple of days when the funds have left the old provider and yet to hit the new one but it's all there now.
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