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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

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  • ska_loverska_lover Forumite
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    I always wear thick tights with my dresses, i have such pasty legs it looks ridiculous haha

    I see people are talking about thinning hair, this has been a real problem for me over the last year - Does anyone use any of the Watermans products (shampoos conditioners lotions) I wondered?

    I have tried a couple of bottles of their shampoo - and my thinning hair really gives me anxiety - however I style it, it always looks awful to me
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  • pattypan4pattypan4 Forumite
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    my hair started to thin several months after my husband died, it was noticeable to me about a year later, I had a good hairdresser who gave me a nice whispy cut, she said to up my protein. I did religiously and we need more protein as we get older btw, that coincides with a smaller appetite so a bit of re-balancing was needed. It worked and my hair grew to nice and thick and then I decided to move house. What followed was 18 months of utter relentless stress and a few weeks ago, I noticed it was getting thinner again.

    I believe that my stress is over from this week and I am in the settling in stage with a lot more time for me. I am making a point now of eating protein several times a day, just some nuts, cottage cheese, a few beans, some meat or half a tin of sardines. I am adding protein and oil via shelled hemp in my breakfast so it is a good start to my day. My hair will thicken again. The commercial hair thinning pills are useless btw, it has to come primarily from diet. I did not take enough care to have enough protein when in throes of moving stress

    I am creaming my feet too and observing the slow rate of growth of one thickened nail, it still has 1/3 of a nail length of growing and cutting but grows so slowly. It is difficult to cut and scary but is do-able after a shower using some special nail clippers that I bought via amazon. I wore sandals yesterday and my feet did not embarrass me but not that much was exposed. Drying between toes every time is key to not getting that again

    Remember Gok Wan, I would be a perfect candidate, do not have natural style but am a do-er and very good at diy which has served me well. I must develop the style part of my brain
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good morning lovely ladies.

    Just a had a nice long soak in the bath, lots of slathering, styled my hair. I'm not going anywhere, in fact my son is coming and we shall be decorating (again, getting a bit fed up now:rotfl:) but I feel better for some serious fabbing this morning.

    Patty. Re "finding your style". I think a good place to start is looking at some of the best dressed lists for women in our age group. Also think about your favourite film icons, what do you like about them, could you adapt their look to suit you.

    Think about your body shape, colouring etc. I think if you learn how to dress for your shape and wear colours that flatter you then you are more than half way there.

    Are you ready for a game.......:rotfl:

    A while back we played a little game called "filmspiration". :rotfl: we discussed some favourite films and how the female stars were dressed. Also some of the all time fashion icons and why they have stood the test of time. What is it about their enduring appeal and what makes their style so timeless.

    Designers such as Coco Chanel always pointed out that fashion is fleeting but style lasts a lifetime. You can be stylish and elegant well into your nineties.

    I shall be attending the funeral of an aunt on Friday. She was 93. I last saw her a couple of years ago at my father's funeral. As always, even though she was 91 and very frail and suffering from Alzheimer's, she was still beautifully and elegantly dressed, make up, perfume and jewellery.

    She wasn't well off but she always looked like a million dollars. As we all say on here you don't need to be rich to be fab. :rotfl:
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Ok I'll start the filmspiration game with my favourite style icons. There are dozens of them but I'll narrow it down, so if I've missed some of your favourites it's not that I don't like them. I could talk about movie stars for hours. I'd be here all day.

    First the obvious - the Hepburns, both Audrey and Katherine. Jackie Kennedy/Onassis and Princess Diana, Iman, Kate Winslett, Cate Blanchette, Jane Fonda, Sophia Loren. And my personal favourite Helen Mirren - who I am said to resemble (on a good day:rotfl:). Can't see it myself. ;). I have better legs, she has cankles, lol. Bless her.....but, she knows that they aren't her best feature so she tends to cover her legs.

    Marlene Dietrich was another one. When she was young she had amazing legs. Legend had it she insured them for 1 million dollars. Don't know whether that's true. But apparently when she was older her legs were a mess, so to keep the mystique and allure she kept them covered, either with her famous trouser suits or fabulous long evening gowns.

    I think that's part of the with what Mother Nature gave you. Disguise the bad bits and flaunt your

    There are loads of films that have inspired me and taught me to "dress up and show up". The Thomas Crown Affair - both versions but especially the later version because Renee Rousso was older than the Fay Dunnaway version. She gave a masterclass in grown up glamour. Sabrina - again both versions but I think the Hepburn version has the edge on style.

    As I said my list is long and I draw inspiration from many sources, even a painting in a gallery. Some of the great beauties through history have been pretty snazzy dressers. You only have to look at the costumes in period dramas - they really are exquisite.

    Some of my sources nearer to home have been relatives. My aunts were all very stylish women and I can distinctly remember my English teacher loved clothes and had a very extensive wardrobe. I went to an all girls school and we used to love to talk to her about her clothes.

    I can also recommend getting hold of some style books. I buy them from Amazon, some of them for as little as £0.1p plus postage.

    One of my favourites is a book called "More Dash than Cash" published under the umbrella of Vogue. There are several editions and although they are now several decades old - I think the first one was written in the 80’s - the advice and tips are still relevant today.

    Just goes to prove that true style never dates.
  • chaniechanie Forumite
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    HI fabbers,

    We got back from Calais and I'm already planning our next trip. It was a hectic day, but we really enjoyed the trip - I have never driven abroad before, so I was a bit nervous, but it was fine.

    Going back to the point on style, I worked Central London and so I see lots of different types of clothing. What has stood out to me is that the most stylish people look as if their outfits were made specifically for them - so trouser lengths hit at exactly the right place, nothing is too baggy or too loose. Its all very subtle, but looks amazing.
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  • silvasavasilvasava Forumite
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    Hi Patty - sounds like you have a plan!
    One of the style books I found useful was by Carole Jackson of Colour Me Beautiful - it was how to dress for your body shape. Not only the styles but the colour and type of patterns on clothing too.
    LL - one of the Hollywood designers was a lady called Edith Head - she designed for many of the stars you like - her designs were always elegant and understated and looked terrific.
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  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    The concert was so amazing last night.:happyhear I really liked the Hobbs & Shaw Fast and Furious film that we saw beforehand too as it was very funny.

    I had the pasta at Pizza Express and that was delicious as well.

    I'm going out on this week to meet my friends in Shoreditch for a meal. I'm not sure what to wear yet.
    maman wrote: »

    I like the look of a dress with thick tights or leggings. It's something Wednesday does a lot too.

    Yes, that is my uniform, lol. I never wear trousers as I know that mini dresses with leggings or on the other hand long maxi dresses suit me the most.
    pattypan4 wrote: »
    Its about time I raised my head above the parapet and joined you. I seem to have spent at least a year with full on manual work, all to do with moving house solo, alone, by myself. I have been constantly full of aches and pains, my nails are tatty, my everyday clothes have been workware, old trousers and t shirts but suddenly I seem to be at the end of the transformation of builders rubble into a future proofed and beautiful garden. The house itself is good and needs nothing doing now, apart from sorting

    I like your upbeat ways lesson learned, you shrug your shoulders and just get on with it

    I am starting with my skin and s*d the savings, I am going the elemis route, stating with the qvc tsv today. I added a couple more items from fragrance direct and that is my skin and bodycare sorted. I have to do a bit of sorting in the department, some older oils etc. They are going, I need to start afresh with a dedicated programme

    I am no good with clothes but have advanced slightly today, am wearing a skirt instead of trousers. It will help if I lose some pounds, all that comfort eating has done me no good at all

  • pattypan4pattypan4 Forumite
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    I have to make a bedtime routine and not wait until I am too tired to bother with pampering. Last night I didn`t put anything on my face, so yes I need to fix a routine for myself. I am a busy bee, all mostly diy and a new garden and out on my bike, tiredness catches up with me by 10

    My elemis has all arrived today including the order from fragrance direct, am very happy, I bought some beautiful vera wang flower priness frangrances for my 2 dgd and a calvin klein one for a dgs, all in or about to enter puberty. Sale prices and tucked away for christmas
    Later today I will cleanse and put a dab of rose oil on at least
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good morning lovely ladies

    What a glorious morning. One of those perfect Indian Summer days.

    My son will be arriving shortly and we are going to crack on. Bedroom coming along nicely. The rest of the house is a pig stye of course but never mind, it will be worth it.

    Just going to make a banana cake for him with bananas that are about to go over. Very MSE. :rotfl:

    Well done starting your new regime Patty. I often find I'm too tired late at night so rather than wait until bedtime I often remove my make up and cleanse my face earlier in the evening. That way I know it will get done. :rotfl:
  • pattypan4pattypan4 Forumite
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    yes I should have done the same last night, I put nothing on my face, was too tired. This morning I used spf 50 moisturiser and that is all. I went the whole hog with elemis when it arrived, eyes, skin, neck, two things on skin. Yes my skin felt nice but it was too much for me, going from ziltch to overkill. However it will be particularly nice to use going into winter

    Right now I have almost finished the heavy physical work here, I will be able to throw out some tops and trousers and make a gradual easy transition to nice trousers, skirts and dresses. Hands are not too bad, I have been careful to wear gloves for most jobs

    You have to smile, always but always when decorating one room, the overspill makes the rest of the house messy. Will definitely be worth it
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