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UPDATED with Link! There's a new Broadband Tool coming to MSE and we need YOUR help!

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  • summerof0763summerof0763 Forumite
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    Would love to try out as need broadband now xx
    i came into the world with nothing,and guess what? i still have it!!!:p
  • fabsaverfabsaver Forumite
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    boatman wrote: »
    I know its because its not a low cost area, but still, I thought these comparison tools were supposed to know these things, otherwise its a bit pointless..
    More than a year later and this issue still hasn't been fixed.

    What is the point of asking for my postcode, and supposedly showing the list of available providers, if none of them are available in my area. When I click through and input my details I get a message saying their services aren't available in my area :( I've tried ringing various providers to ask why and apparently it's because I don't live low cost area.

    Surely it can't be that difficult to update the broadband tool to take account of which postcodes are in low cost areas and which aren't :huh:
  • RichardLPRichardLP Forumite
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    This problem is certainly not limited to the MSE tool - even the Ofcom accredited comparison sites have the same issue.

    If the companies concerned can deliver the correct message when contacted directly, this would suggest that they are not supplying accurate information to the comparison sites.

    I did raise this matter with Ofcom, as their accredited programme is supposed to provide a rigorous audit of comparison sites before they can display the Ofcom Accredited logo.

    Here is their response (links removed):

    Thank you for your email to Ofcom dated 3 September 2019.

    I understand from your correspondence that you have concerns about the information provided on Ofcom accredited comparison sites regarding fibre broadband availability.

    Firstly, I should clarify that the information provided on the accredited websites is from data supplied by the service providers. These sites should give consumers a general overview of the range of the services available in their area and having accredited comparison sites allows consumers to establish which of the sites are impartial, as some comparison sites can favour certain companies over others.

    In addition, I have checked fibre availability in your area using the Openreach website which confirms FFTP is available at your postcode. You can find further details here:

    Ultimately, it is up to the providers to confirm if they can supply a service and although the local area may be fibre enabled, if there are no available fibre ports, then that particular service cannot be supplied.

    Finally, at present the decision to offer broadband is commercial decision. However, Ofcom recognises that whatever a consumers’ location, they need to receive the best possible communications services and the priority is to ensure consumers who cannot receive a decent broadband speed or have no access to broadband at all will have access to a service. The Government is currently putting plans in place for this Universal Service Obligation and Ofcom will assist to ensure it evolves to keep up with the demand for faster speeds. You can find further information about the proposed plans in place here:

    Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Digital Communications also sets out how we aim to bring better broadband and phone services to consumers. By supporting investment by competing providers, it aims to reduce the country’s reliance on Openreach and increase competitive pressure on its network to improve quality. To help bring this about, Openreach will be required to open up its network of telegraph poles and underground tunnels to allow rivals to build their own, advanced fibre networks, connected directly to homes and offices. Further information can be found via the following web link:

    Thank you for taking the time to inform Ofcom of your concerns.

    I trust this provides clarity on the matter.
  • Doesn't recognise my postcode, despite it being registered with Royal Mail for 18 months now. Time to update your royal mail PIF file?
  • RichardLPRichardLP Forumite
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    Ofcom Accredited scheme

    After my post above (12th September) I wrote back to Ofcom as their response above didn't really address the shortcomings of their accredited scheme for comparison sites. I have had a more considered response from them acknowledging the scheme shortcomings.

    "Thank you for your recent email regarding Ofcom's Accreditation Scheme for price comparison

    I am sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced when using price comparison services.
    Having consulted my colleagues in Consumer Policy, I am given to understand that the comparison
    websites which Ofcom accredits are held to rigorous standards to ensure that, as far as the data
    available to the respective website permits, the information they provide is accessible, accurate,
    transparent, comprehensive and up to date. This includes a comprehensive audit of the comparison
    service’s methodology, process and management systems for generating search results. However,
    the results that price comparison websites generate can only be as accurate as the information
    which providers make available to them.

    We are aware that some people have experienced issues with respect to the accuracy of information
    that comparison websites display; In respect of broadband providers, these issues may stem from
    the quality and detail of the data that the broadband providers share with the comparison sites
    about broadband availability and often arise due to a variation in the availability of particular
    broadband services within a given postcode area. To address this, we have brought together
    comparison sites and industry to help improve the quality of the data made available so that, in
    future, users will have a better experience when using these sites.

    We have also been working on providing users with more information about the types of broadband
    connection they can receive at their address. Our broadband availability checker seeks to map the
    availability of standard, superfast and ultrafast services across the UK by address You can visit the
    website by using the following link:[link removed].

    I hope my response helps clarify the position in respect of the matters raised in your complaint."
  • neilsedakaneilsedaka Forumite
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    This is the best most up to date map that I have seen. Even as precise as my house.
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    keef-WhatStandardskeef-WhatStandards Forumite
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    edited 1 December 2019 at 6:33PM
    Must be me, but the above links just take me to the same old comparison site.

    Edit: By above links, I was referring to the OP. ;)
    Keef - Sheerness, Kent UK
  • Muad_DibMuad_Dib Forumite
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    This is so out of date. Come on Martin get this sorted. This is really unhelpful. The new tool was yerars ago so why still show it as being a new tool.
  • Dani_MorDani_Mor Forumite
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    Perfect timing, thanks ! :) 
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