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    greent wrote: »
    Thanks for the g-pig wishes - vet appt on Weds - fingers crossed that she *only* has a UTI - she is on antibs 2x/ day and anti-inflamms 1x/ day - she doesn't like me very much at the mo!! She still squeaks pitifully when she has a wee, but there is a lot less blood now (very alarming!)

    Poor little thing :(

    Hope she gets better soon.
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    Lovely weather here too. Have been car booting this morning, didn't get too many things but did get an electric oil diffuser which I have wanted for ages, it was BNIB and just £1.

    DD went for her trial for the Saturday job yesterday and they rang her at teatime to offer her the job, she is thrilled. It is quite a fancy shop so she will fit right in, it will be really good for her and it is quite a significant amount of money for a 15 year old plus she can do extra hours in the holidays.

    Going to do some gardening now and then a light tea involving Orzo I think.
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    NSD No 5

    I would have done the washing today but the washing lines are full of someone else's washing. Been there for two days so hopefully they'll take it in tonight and I can get mine out tomorrow.

    Made spicy carrot soup to use up carrots and chillies from the fridge. Tidied the freezers. The're full again so really have to make a massive effort to use things up.

    I did the Tesco order for our holiday but hadn't been able to book the slot yet. Spoke to my friend in Yorkshire this afternoon and he said to send it to him and he'll buy it in Aldi and bring it with them. We go by public transport but they drive It should be a lot cheaper and he has offered to pay for it as we always pay for the accommodation. I don't mind paying for the accommodation as we would be there anyway but it's a nice gesture.

    So steak pie for dinner and have to make a meal plan to use up some of this stuff.
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    Today I am grateful for my friends, for good coffee, for getting dd packed for tomorrow, for my snuggly hoodie, for my tech-y dh, for doing some admin that I'd been putting off, for my family.
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    Evening all :)
    Still on NSD 3 as I went car booting this morning. Didn't spend much though, about £4 apart from business stuff which I account for elsewhere.
    Congratulations to your DD Dolly. I think it will give her great experience. I used to recruit and supervise young graduates (or at least the people I directly managed did), and could always tell the ones who had had experience in the workplace. Some of the more priviledged ones had never worked through school or uni, and it took them very much longer to get the idea that they were there to work and not swan about looking important, iyswim. I worked from age about 13 myself, so struggled a bit at times to sympathise with their need to acclimatise themselves :rotfl:
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    Hi all:j

    No shopping today = 2/15 NSDs!! Hopefully the start of a few more as well.

    Cooked a fair bit this morning with the idea in mind to use up some stocks of frozen food. Therefore all meals from stores & a bit less in freezer. Will be making preserves tomorrow hopefully as rain is forecast.

    Finally out into the garden & took some cuttings, not expecting much but you never know & it will be plants for almost free if they succeed.

    Still drying out the dining room, too early to tell yet if the carpet will be salvageable. Victorian light fitting drying out in kitchen, fingers crossed.

    More progress on clearing in sunroom, less progress in clearing out all DDs carrier bags. At least most of her plans for days off don't include being here, phew.

    Now need to reply to a few emails that have been ignored whilst things more pressing have been seen to.

    Popping in to say hi : Hello turtles!!
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    I am on 4 NSD's :j :j

    Had such a busy weekend with my part-time weekend job (not so part time with 15ish hours) but the work was appreciated, which is always nice :o

    Need to fill up my car tomorrow, but hoping to make that last until the end of the month as I have the week off work (from the full-time job) next week so won't be doing as much driving backwards and forwards every day :D

    Today I'm actually grateful for the rain so I don't have to water the garden later :rotfl:
  • I managed a NSD yesterday! 1/15!
    I managed to deep clean my sons room and have sorted a bag for selling, a bag for charity and a bag for the tip so feeling good about that

    aim for today - I'm going to the shops at about 1030 to see if i can get any reduced items - i think that is a good time here :)
    I am going to plan meals for the rest of the week aiming for a NSD tomorrow and hopefully more during this week!

    feeling a bit down in the dumps trying to get a grip on everything ... I do see improvements and a bit more sense where money is concerned but still feel continually broke :( although saying that i guess at least bills and debts are being paid
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    Hugs second chance - try to concentrate on the positive things you have achieved. Can you afford to build little treats (bubble bath, home pedicure, a chapter of your book, sitting comfortably with a nice cup of tea) into your budget to celebrate your successes.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • Thank you yes I will do that.. didn’t mean to whinge ... just hard sometimes when it seems like the rest of the world doesn’t seem to have a care ( I know this isn’t true)
    On the plus I got some reduced foods and have meal planned for the week
    Nsd tomorrow hopefully x
    Stepchange dmp £6350
    Debt free date jul 2021

    Emergency fund needs refuelling!

    Aiming for a debt free stress free life with some money in the bank!
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