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    Went for a run in the woods with DH this morning and managed to do it without tripping up. Filled the car up using Tesco 10p off voucher but it seems my petrol gauge is having a funny turn, it has taken forever to show full so I will have to keep an eye on that.

    We are having a BBQ and lighting the chimenea today, got some marshmallows for DS and DH for toasting and some corn on the cob for me plus some other bits and bobs. Bought another lovely candle in a CS for £1.99 and DH got a couple of shirts. Used some tomatoes and spring onions from the garden in my salad bagel for lunch.
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    Still on NSD No 4

    Walked to the supermarket that does cheap butter and stocked up. It's a three mile walk there and back so I got some exercise as well. Picked up two big packets of reduced strawberries which are now in the fridge marinading in sugar and brandy. Not all that healthy but very delicious. Lunch and dinner from freezer.

    Other than that it's been kind of quiet but I'm not complaining about that.

    Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. The weather is beautiful here.
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    Today I am grateful for a good night's sleep, for dd getting nearly 12 hours of sleep, for getting some much-needed baking done for next week, for my scan letter appointment arriving (just a hernia or two to scan for. I giggled that they want me to go with a full bladder when my hernia(s) are up towards my solar plexus!), for getting dd half packed for next week, for enjoying my workout, for the satisfaction of needle felting, for the rugby on the telly, for a good book.
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    Today was my first NSD of the month. I need to try and focus more. Went to IKEA yesterday and spent way too much, nothing too frivolous except one thing which I am going to say is a birthday present to myself, my birthday is next month. Planning on doing an NSD tomorrow too. Been doing a puzzle and watching bad films on Netflix and that is exactly what I needed after my busy week off.
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    hi all
    been enjoying being at home even though I've been cleaning! Got 2 loads of washing dry; made some soup. Popped to town and bought veg and salad from the greengrocers, no plastic at all and reasonably priced. Went to Mr S for a few other bits.
    Sorted a weekend away in October with family. Taking both DDs and DD1's bestie. I've paid for accommodation so asking them to pay for some food.
    Grateful for - nice weather; colleague from PT job checking I was ok; internet which means I can 'chat' to DD2 even though she's in Italy; early night with a hot water bottle :)
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    Hi all:j

    Sadly still on 1/15 NSDs, but hopefully will get one tomorrow...

    Dehumidifier on in flooded room, also gas fire to try & dry it out a bit. Still doesn't look too pretty though :(

    Definitely find out where your stop TAP is & how to turn it off. I've learnt a lot about plumbing in the last couple of days, but I sincerely hope not to have to use it in the future..

    All food from stores today, but milk bought.

    Got out into garden, using my new secateurs, what a difference..

    Started to simplify sunroom. Got a fair bit cleared but more to go, DH did some as well, but I do have to go through the stuff before chucking as he's not always that careful.

    Checking to say hi: Hello turtles!!
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    Managed a NSD on Friday after all as OH paid for chips. Yesterday I needed a few bits of food, stuff for the furries and some toiletries so wasn't a NSD. The only thing I bought which wasn't on the list was a bar of chocolate, but I'll eat that over the course of a week or so (she says optimistically lol). Also cleaned the hallway carpet as it desperately needed doing, and got some studying done, am so close to finishing my course and I cannot wait! My retainers arrived (decided after years of being unhappy with my teeth that I'm going to get them straightened), so spent the day getting used to them. Wish I'd done this years ago but hey ho! Bit of a faff as you have to brush your teeth every time you eat or drink something that isn't water, so going to have to work out the logistics of it all...

    Managed another walk yesterday and a gym class, this morning is horse riding and then probably gym afterwards, was a bit slack on Thursday and Friday so need to get back on it.
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    Morning :coffee:
    Well I didn't get my coffee with bestie as she cancelled last minute :cry: It has been way too long since I saw her. I did make it into town to do my little jobs though so I can cross them off the list. Spent most of the day just pottering about the house doing little things and feeling generally sorry for myself. Thankfully I feel a bit better today but I'm still hoping for a pyjama day - which in turn will mean another nsd.
    I am starting to get organised for December festivities so need to write a list of things I need to buy to make my drinks and chutneys for people. This involves a sort through the kitchen cupboards to determine what I already have. Other than that, more knitting and then crochet when I get bored with that. Plus a maximum of 2 hours of school work I think.
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    I went to the supermarket beginning with M yesterday and was actually shocked when I saw the stollen and C - hristmas cakes section.

    They must have literally waited until the kids went back to school and then shoved it all out. FamOx and the other c/s have had their cards out since August. Madness.

    Today will be NSD2 - I am on top of all this nonsense today, and the line will be hosting the last of the laundry. Need to keep ignoring the dryer for as long as possible.

    Going to begin winter-proofing the house soon. The bedroom was deliciously cool last night. Slept really well. My candle stash is nearly completely decimated. Will have to keep an eye on the c/shops.
    Have a lovely Sunday afternoon, I hope the sun shines on you all and may all your laundry be dry before tea time.
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    Thanks for the g-pig wishes - vet appt on Weds - fingers crossed that she *only* has a UTI - she is on antibs 2x/ day and anti-inflamms 1x/ day - she doesn't like me very much at the mo!! She still squeaks pitifully when she has a wee, but there is a lot less blood now (very alarming!)

    No NSDs achieved as yet - maybe one today :D

    Spent out on Vets, groceries, a new backpack for DS2 for school (old one has holes in the bottom), a new waterbottle for DS3 for school (old one kept leaking everywhere...) an eye test for DS1 - and (way more excitingly!) - flights for the 6 of us and DD's boyf to Florida next Summer :j :J - we haven't booked anything else at all yet - but the flights are sorted, so we are definitely going! :D

    Sold an old handbag of my mum's on flebay this morning - she has given me a pile of things to sell and said I can have the money towards Florida (probably a total of about £100 after fees - but everything helps :D)

    Have been invited to join RM postal survey again, so will have more free stamps (inc the Xmas ones :D) again - still have loads to use up, but am not complaining!

    Definite Autumnal air around - 3 trees in the garden are losing leaves and I have stripped all my tom plants right back so the last tomatoes are fully exposed :) Some Summer bedding pots are looking very tatty, so will aim to clear/ clean and maybe refill some with pansies over the next week or so - I have less pots filled in the Winter but do like to have some for a cheerful splash of colour :)
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