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Owning a mobile phone will soon be compusory.

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    There is a big change in the way people bank and, for example, branches are closing because fewer people use them. You can't use cash on London Underground or buses any more and this is spreading. You can use your phone to pay for many things or a contactless card.
    It isn't just Santander. If I make a big payment by credit card I may well get rung to establish it is me. I appreciate the security. You will always find some people who can't change or don't want to change but that's life. Whenever anything changes there is a fuss. Remember them turning off analogue TV signals and forcing people to give up on the TV which had served them so well since coronation day.
    The trouble is the moaners, like OP, want the advantages, will scream the roof down if something goes wrong but wish to preserve their inalienable right to have it just as it was in 1896.
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    We're with Santander, have three bank accounts maxed out ( when possible ) . I don't have online banking with them and only use the debit card for identification when I actually go in to the branch.

    If it turns out that it becomes mandatory to have a mobile phone then me and our money will be off to another bank or building society.As has been said previously it's easy to move accounts these days. I've moved from Lloyds bank because my local branch does not want people to use the teller , want's them to go to the hole in the wall. Much of the reason banks aren't used any more is because they are not welcoming.

    Besides, would it be so bad if we stopped this online shopping malarky and supported our high streets and 'old fashioned' markets.

    PS. Yes I've sent back the little box gadget affair that Barclaycard sent me. I wouldn't understand how to use it and haven't used my Barclaycard for years so it was another reason to close my account :)
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