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Energy: Find the cheapest supplier & earn cashback

edited 26 March 2014 at 9:43PM in Energy
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  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    Gerry1 wrote: »
    EDF say it takes about three weeks so that gives a clue about when to apply.

    However, there's always the risk that your chosen tariff may have been withdrawn by then !

    I’m in a very similar position with Engie and a switch to a very competitive EDF 2 year fix tariff that includes half price boiler cover for the first year.

    Difficult to tell which way prices are going at the moment - they seem pretty stable for now, barring international incidents and the fool we’ve been landed with as Prime Minister.
  • victor2victor2 Forumite
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    Gerry1 wrote: »
    I believe that if you've started the switch before your old tariff ends, you may be entitled to keep paying the old rates until the switch has been completed.
    Depends on the supplier. I know from experience that Avro Energy don't observe that, and even argue that their interpretation of the license agreement doesn't say they have to. BG did when I left them, but that was a few years back.
  • We saved over £150 using CEC last year, it’s amazing
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    Who are CEC?
    Thank you for reading this message.
  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Who are CEC?

    CEC = Cheap Energy Club

    ie the comparison site on this forum
    Never pay on an estimated bill
  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    Robin9 wrote: »
    CEC = Cheap Energy Club

    ie the comparison site on this forum

    It works well - recommended. The £25 dual fuel cashback can be beaten (Quidco + moneysupermarket gives £35 for the same range of deals) but Quidco frequently fails to pay out.

    Interestingly, the excellent and very competitive EDF 2 year fix referred to a few posts above can only be found on the CEC and Moneysupermarket websites.
  • Just looking to see if Quidco can beat the CEC cashback...I can't see that.

    It also doesn't offer the new top pick tariff "Energy Plus Protection Green Sep 2020v2" so Quidco just matches CEC currently.

    I haven't checked MoneySuperMarket yet.
  • Gerry1Gerry1 Forumite
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    Don't touch Quidco, they don't pay out. They kept stringing me along for six months, promising me my cashback from National Tyres and Autocare was being processed, only to reject it without saying why.
  • VfM4meplseVfM4meplse PPR
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    Gerry1 wrote: »
    Don't touch Quidco, they don't pay out.
    I feel the same about MyTopcashback.

    This year I've cut my energy usage by as much as I can through (relatively expensive, but permanent) energy-saving measures so the next thing to look at is the standing charge. Is there any means of comparing the standing charges for each tariff?

    I've had the email through from MSE Martin that I could now be saving on the tariff, but the top "savings" are from newbie companies. The only one that is worth considering saves me £61 pa based on last years higher usage, but I expect this year's to be much lower. Would you swap for that, or is it worth hanging on? (I've just got £30 cashback from my last switch which in effect kept me paying the same as last year in the face of rising charges).

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  • Hi,

    Sorry, this may be a bit off-topic here, but I'm really confused about the fixed tariffs that cheap energy club is showing me.

    I'm currently with SSE on a fixed tariff (dual fuel) but somehow I never pay the same amount, during the winter months it's been a lot more. So why do they call it a fixed thing? What's the difference from the variable tariffs?

    The comparison calculator is showing me quite good savings if i would switch to EDF or British Gas, but how do I know that the fixed tariff shown there is going to be it? I mean, how do I know I don't end up paying a lot more than that in winter?
    In all fairness, the comparison calculator does say "approximately" this amount per month ... anyway, could someone enlighten me, please?

    Many many thanks.
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