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MSE Poll: How much are you worth (or do you owe)?

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  • NaughtiusMaximusNaughtiusMaximus Forumite
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    staggered wrote: »
    However, my point was that, taken as a whole, over-65s are by far the wealthiest group in society. The fact that (some of) this group (the over-75s) received free TV licences, irrespective of how wealthy they were, was, in my opinion, absurd. Especially when younger groups, who are on the whole much less wealthy, were subsidising that.

    In terms of assets (by far the biggest chunk of which will be a house owned outright) they may well be but in terms of income they're most definitely not.
  • badmemorybadmemory Forumite
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    If a 65 yr old didn't have more assets than a 25 yr old, shouldn't the 25 yr old be very worried as to what would happen to their current assets?
  • the naivety of this poll question is an embarrassment and damages the credibility of the whole MSE site...
  • MurphybearMurphybear Forumite
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    To add fuel to the over 65s results, I strongly suspect that it is only the wealthier ones who actually look at MSE.

    There are a lot of pensioners who don’t use a computer, in my over 60s HA properties there are 33 flats/houses and roughly one third have the internet.

    There a few million pensioners who already claim Pension Credit and an estimated £1.3 million who are eligible but don’t claim. You have to have a fairly low income to be eligible.

    I have a bus pass but can’t use it due to the lack of buses, very common in rural areas.
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