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Wiber Car Hire, Mallorca

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KuaKua Forumite
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We are hiring a car for a week in October.

For that amount of time you seem to get quoted around £40 or around £150. The only cheap carhire company that seems any good is Wiber

I get the impression most go for their all inclusive rate which includes insurance and quick pick up.

I always get insurance through a third party and I don't expect the desk to be too busy in October... Is there thefroe any reason not to go for the cheaper "full tk full" rate? £40 for a Fiesta for the week seems too good to be true!


  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    Kua wrote: »
    ... £40 for a Fiesta for the week seems too good to be true!

    It probably is.
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  • SmevchenkoSmevchenko Forumite
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    Can't speak for Mallorca, but part of a group that hired 2 cars through Wiber in Malaga and had no problems with them whatsoever. One driver paid extra for insurance, the other one just had basic coverage, but both had no problems on return of vehicle.
  • KuaKua Forumite
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    The downside is that you need to leave a 700 Euro deposit and 50 Euros for fuel (which you get back if you bring it back full). To be honest that's usually been my experience with car rental.

    My only worry is that they will be more eagle eyed about looking for damage than on the "all inclusive rate".
  • huw01huw01 Forumite
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    When I'm Mallorca I've always used Vanrell rentals. They're very good and out of season really cheap
  • I have had some good deals using the airport website
    Or sometimes for mainland spain I have used
    Ryanair sometimes does some good offers on their car hire too.
    I always make sure I have seperate insurance though so as not to get ripped off.
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