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Memorygirls Make Do and Mend for 2008 Thread

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Memorygirls Make Do and Mend for 2008 Thread

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memorygirlmemorygirl Forumite
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Inserted Intro From Martin....

This is MemoryGirls 'make do and mend' diary. You'll see the first post immediately below, then can scroll down for updates (with others comments in between).

It's a fascinating, fun and inspiring insight into how to go thrifty and Old Style and well worth a read through... thanks for posting it Memory Girl...

PS for people new to forums, a quick abbreviation glossary.

DS - Darling Son
OD - overdraft
CC - Credit Card
LOL - laughs out loud
OS - MoneySaving Old Style which is all about thrift - see the Old Style Board and Thrifty Ways charity book

Now onto the info..


Single Mum (38) of a fabulous DS (7) and expecting another DS anytime from the end of February - mid April. (First was waaaay early so Midwifes bit cautious about "due dates")

No partner - hit the road when the line went blue:mad: But 2008 is my year to stop settling for what everyone expects me to do (sign on and claim benefits) and start designing the life I want for my wee family - setting myself some scary goals in the process no doubt:rotfl:

I am mostly debt free - I have an expected debt of 6k to appear this year from a business that is being wound up. BUt I now have no OD, CC or consumer debt at all.

I am buying a house on the 31st of Jan - and Gulp!!! - it is in a real state. Now don't panic because what I have done for the last 10 years is develop property for our family business, so I'm not afraid of the work. Of course having the bump in the middle of a refurb will be quite a challenge - and this one has to be funded entirely from my own pocket.

There is about 50K profit in this development (no- really:D ). Gain mostly due to installing the basics - central heating, fixing roof, new kitchen and bathrooms and complete redecoration ( place looks like been decorated by colour blind toddler - LOL). I aim to sell this place in 2008 in order to carry forward a chunk of equity into a "forever house" for my family with a much reduced mortgage.

This year will be waaaaaaaaaaayyyy tight cashflow wise. So my decision is to set myself a " make do and mend" challenge. To save money by being as OS as possible as I make the move from a few years living with my parents to being back out my own.

Heres where I am so far:

1 Jan Started a "control journal" - a la Flylady Target date to complete 19 Jan
2 Jan Raked through attic to find old wool of mums for making Baby clothes DONE
3 Jan Downloaded pattern for baby blanket to crochet. 25 patches Target date to complete 28th Jan

I figure that if I can keep skipping forward for 365 days of mini- goals by the end of the year I will have changed our lives beyond recognition.

Any tips and advice gratefully appreciated - I'm going to be on my own here cos my folks are not OS in the least. They love eating my OS food but as soon as I go it will be back to the packets they uesed to live on I'm sure.:eek:

PLEASE - come with me on this journey as my cheerleaders / b****m kickers and treasured advisors.

Baby steps for 2008


GOALS - by June 11 2009 - My big 4-0
Mortgage of £70K / Got £126 2 years salary £12K/ Got £00
O/pay Mortgage every month 12 / 0 Weight target 10st 7lbs / Currently 12st 10lbs.
Furnish house on £1K/ Spent £100


  • elonaelona Forumite
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    Have you signed up to freecycle as you could get baby stuff wool, paint etc free if you ask people if they have stuff they do not use.

    You might have to offer something before you can post "wanted" but it can be something small.

    Have you had a look at the Pigsback thread you get points for clicking once a day.

    It works out at about 35pence a week but could be about £25 in a year - more if you order stuff to get points.
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  • Uniscots97Uniscots97 Forumite
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    Good luck. I'm not that far away from you (Scots girl too).
    CC2 = £8687.86 ([STRIKE]£10000[/STRIKE] )CC1 = £0 ([STRIKE]£9983[/STRIKE] ); Reusing shopping bags savings =£5.80 vs spent £1.05.Wine is like opera. You can enjoy it even if you don't understand it and too much can give you a headache the next day J
  • Hi Guys

    Just popped off to put WM on and there you all appeared - LOL

    I'm already registered on Freecycle - isn't it fabulous. Going out tomorrow (snow willing) to pick up a pine table and chairs for our new house. With a lick of eggshell from my dads stock in the garage I aim to produce a "designer shabby chic look" for no pennies. If I figure out how to post photos I could post my projects as I go along:o

    Off to do my target 1 patch for the bumps pram blanket - and to give my room a quick tidy up so I have somewhere to store my projects.

    See you all soon
    GOALS - by June 11 2009 - My big 4-0
    Mortgage of £70K / Got £126 2 years salary £12K/ Got £00
    O/pay Mortgage every month 12 / 0 Weight target 10st 7lbs / Currently 12st 10lbs.
    Furnish house on £1K/ Spent £100
  • MappygirlMappygirl Forumite
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    Good luck!!!

    It sounds like a wonderful journey! Apart from a few set backs already this year i'm definatley making 2008 my year too! Keep us posted, it'll keep us all motivated!
    :D lightbulb moment Jan 07 - DFW 417!debtwas£32k
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  • ArilAril Forumite
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    Good luck. Please keep us posted and this type of thing keeps me very motivated too.
    Re baby's blanket. When my son was born he went straight into a cot bed after the borrowed Moses basket. I made all my own bed linen for it and made baby blankets by cutting down a yellow aerated blanket [you know the ones with the big holes in...sorry I'm a simple pimple] and then edging all the pieces with wide yellow satin ribbon.
    Later on [when he hit 1] I bought 2 large pieces of fleece and wadding and backed with an old cotton sheet. I secured the layers by safety pinning the layers in place first [about a hand;s width apart] and then there looping through different primary coloured embroidery threads I had been given and knotting them securely. I again edged with appropriate coloured wide satin ribbon. My son is 9 now and still uses them on top of his duvet when it gets really cold so have really had more than our money's worth out of them.
    Aiming for a life of elegant frugality wearing a new-to-me silk shirt rather than one of hair!
  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    Memorygirl, this sounds like a scary but very satisfying journey you are undertaking. I shall be checking in regularly and cheering you on! :j Love to see photos too.

    I want shabby chic for my next place (small rented); always used to love carpentry and remaking stuff but not had the opportunity for a long while :D

    goes off to check tool boxes for supplies

    ps dont forget to check charity shops for curtains, blankets etc, can be remodelled if necessary? I made great cushions covers from a pair of pretty curtains, cost me £4 for a huge amount of fabric and still have enough left for a smaller pair of curtains
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • beemuzedbeemuzed Forumite
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    Good Luck Memorygirl - this is going to be an exciting year for you. Look forward to seeing all your targets met - and hoping for inspiration to actually get something done myself - too many years of sitting back and watching time go by here! Remember making crotched blankets for my little ones (30 plus years ago!) They were much loved for years!
    Think twice before spending anything!
  • kipperskippers Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    I just wanted to say i think you are wonderful having a life plan and goal...go for it girl...loads of OS info and help on this site
    :j :j :j :j :j
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Best of luck my dear it's nice to see that there are folks willing to sort their life out without resorting to anyone else .Aim to do at least one crochet square a day, and it will soon build up. I will watch with interest to see how you are progressing .New year, a new start, what a great time to do it .
    P,S. See if you can get hold of a slow cooker ,they are a god-send as you can make really cheap cuts of meat taste great.Plus it makes some great soups by the gallon if the SC is big enough. I love mine and save a fortune with it
  • culpepperculpepper Forumite
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    great idea to do it all in steps and log it.
    I think it is more motivating to see it wtitten down .
    Best of luck
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