Renting my spare bedrooms out to my friends

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    On a personal level why don't you want locks on the door? If you have a key, what's the issue?
    Just for reference for 8 years I was renting and renting out rooms and I didn't have locks. However now im in a HMO I would get inside locks for rooms. The last house I was as a lodger, one of the other lodgers went into my room on a regular basis because he was an alcoholic. I will be getting inside locks on rooms in my house.

    Have visions of me with a Chatelaine of house keys swinging from my hips!! :D
    No we were advised years ago of the slightest possibility of creating a tenancy and that the Lodger could then change the lock, so we didn't think it was worth it.

    I have had people who want locks on doors. I have said no and they didn't take the room. End of. Next...

    When the local Fire Officer came over he actually said it was safer to have no locks on the internal doors as far too often people do not have thumb locks but regular key locks and lock themselves in their rooms - not a good move!
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    I came across this thread, because I was looking for the "perfect" lodgers agreement, because I'm currently advertising a room for rent in my house in Uttoxeter.

    As far as charging Friends. I'd work out what the market price is and knock 15% off, because it must be worth 15% having someone you trust in your house.

    Make the price include all bills including netflix.

    Make sure you have a lodgers agreement, so it's VERY CLEAR how much notice you have to give.

    As an aside, I'd have a PRICE for overnight guests. Free: one Weekend night per month, and £5 for additional weekend nights, but £15 for week nights. Because you would charge a couple more and they'll use more water, gas and electric.
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