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Hi all
My husband was made redundant on 14th June 2019 and we made a claim through the Redundancy Payment Service on 25th June 2019 of which we received an acknowledgment email the same day. We have heard nothing since, I've sent 3 emails and my husband has called the helpline number (03303310020) over 100 times, it has a constant busy tone. The government website states they aim to pay out 93% claims within 6 weeks. Has anyone had an experience with the RPS? If so, did you receive a letter/email before they received money in their bank account? and how long did it take?

Many thanks for your help in advance :o


  • I'm in the same boat as your husband. I only submitted my claim recently on the 25th July. On my application letter from the Insolvency Service it says on average it takes 14 days to process an application and make payments. But it may take up to 6 weeks to process during very busy times and/or if they need to contact your former employer for extra information.

    As they are only open from 9-5pm I tried to call bang on 9am in the morning to try and get first in the queue. Bizarrely, it was still constantly engaged. I even tried calling at 8.55am lol but just got a message saying office now closed! Couldn't win.

    However, one day I finally got through to the helpline number after constantly ringing for two weeks.No kidding. It didn't matter what time of day I called it was always a constant busy tone. But I managed to get through one morning after keeping my phone on redial.

    TBH, I am not going to bother calling the helpline again to submit a query or chase up payments. Once is quite enough. It is thoroughly exhausting trying to get through each time you have a query. I am just going to wait and let the whole process take its course.
  • Yes the same experience my partner submitted his claim not had any correspondence back and that was 4 weeks ago trying to get through is painful constantly engaged
    Like it isn’t hard enough being made redundant sometimes you need that added bit of advice
  • It has been over 18 weeks since I submitted my claim, after being made redundant following the liquidation of the company I worked for. I am, as we speak on hold after finally getting through. Not holding out much hope of getting much information to be honest. I'm beginning to think that the statement "95% of claims are paid within 6 weeks" is highly exaggerated. Hopefully it will be resolved by Christmas.
  • We have been waiting 9 weeks now and having the same problem as everyone else, can’t get through to speak to anyone, the line is constantly engaged and when we try ringing after 1.00pm the message says the office is closed. We have also sent an email and still waiting for a reply. It’s so frustrating. Most of my husbands co workers have received money now though, which is even more frustrating.
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