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Train ticket getting them cheaper

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    And if you'd used a train operator's website you wouldn't have had to pay Trainline's booking fees, so it would have been even cheaper.

    When did Trainline start charging a booking fee? :(
    Admittedly I have not used them for about three years!
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    Loco2 have special technology that helps to achieve savings on particular journeys, usually by combining two trains. I bought a cheaper than average ticket for a journey this month and last month using their site.
  • Of course, it depends WHICH ticket split website or app you are using, and how prepared to be inconvenienced you are. I know a way of getting to Manchester for £24 return by train, for instance, but it involves changing enroute and a wait of around 40 minutes. Still, if you're a student and you're brassic, it works for some. This never turns up on any ticket split website I've used, but, of the ones I HAVE used, TrainPal appears to be one of the better ones, though I still check the others out.

    The £24 Manchester return came from a "hidden part" of some ticketing websites where, after asking for an initial quote, it asks you if you want to look at "slower trains". For Berwick to London, the GWR website is quoting me £64 return a month hence for a train changing once at Newcastle in each direction. This is not obvious on the initial quote sometimes.

    Hopefully the Williams Review will get rid of some of this shenanigans
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