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Competitions you don't see any more (Nostalgia)

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  • jonesMUFCforeverjonesMUFCforever Forumite
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    Who remembers those quiz channels on TV?
    I won about £3000 in total (mostly small individual wins) from ringing at times when they were not busy - so 5-6 pm I used to dash home from work to win £25 or £50 LOL
    The cheques always turned up.
    They had to give you a free way of entering so I bought a second phone just to use re-dial when they were on.
    I once got on a Saturday night when the cash prize was £1000 when they were asking what immediately comes to mind when you hear the word 'Eurovision' - I said Terry Wogan but the answer they wanted was Ireland as they had a habit of winning it often at that time.

    I think they were closed down because it was proven that some quizzes had no definite right answer and were therefore unfair.

    Happy days - you would think in this digital age somebody would try something like this again?
  • EnglishWelshieEnglishWelshie Forumite
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    I miss the Sprinkle website! I never won any of the bigger prizes (there were lots of MSE winners though :D ), but they also gave away a £10 Amazon voucher every day and I think I won it about 5 times within a few months! :D

    I'm sure I remember a Jet2 advent running last year?

    EDIT: yes, here it is :)

    That was different to the ones run the previous 2 years. The one I meant you got 3 goes a day I seem to remember a gingerbread man on the main screen when you had each go. It was this one and it ran for more days :)
  • I've been comping for 16 years or so. I'm always happy to hear about all your wins and I don't begrudge anyone anything.


    DAMN YOU ALL for flaunting your fish slices at me!

    Seriously though. I'm going to use every bit of willpower I have to ignore the latest goddamn hummingbird competition.
    Why do mice have such small balls?
    Because so few of them can dance.
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