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Passport renewal with name change

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Hi I need to apply for a new passport and change to my married name. Apparition can do this online but I need to send away marriage certificate. How does that work? Once I apply online do I get given a reference to send away with the documents? I’m also sending away for a new passport for child would that be the same process?


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    Do it online You will be given a reference number and an address to send your marriage certificate and old passport to. Remember to send them in a strong envelope like a jiffy envelope as Royal Mail has a habit of destroying flimsy envelopes and the contents are lost forever. You will get several texts keeping you up to date with your application. The child application is the same process. You may have to send them to different offices depending on which office they are allocated to do your application first then cross reference your application in the additional information section of your child’s application. You will need to send the child’s full birth certificate. The one with the parents details on it
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