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Death certificate

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Deaths, Funerals & Probate
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  • FlugelhornFlugelhorn Forumite
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    re the death certificate - it is a public document and they can get a copy if they want.

    the issue is probably why they want a copy - is it to query the cause of death? Or to try some skullduggery with the bank?

    I think I would act a little daft and scan or photograph the certificate and send it them - they can have all the info they need, however it is useless as a legal document
  • badger09badger09 Forumite
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    Abusive messages and death threats from previously close aunties & uncles? Really? About what?

    To play devil's advocate;):

    It's not clear from OP's posts whether aunties & uncles had a good relationship with him/her and with dad before dad died, or whether they were informed of his death and attended the funeral.

    Perhaps OP could clarify.

    It could be that they are shocked by their brother's sudden death, are grieving so not thinking straight, and just want to know the exact cause of death.

    Nothing illegal could be done with a scanned or photocopied death certificate, and as others have said, they could easily buy one.
  • lisyloolisyloo Forumite
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    How are these communications being received.
    You can block phone calls, emails, facebook and shred letter.
    Are they happening in person? I would start videoing.
  • MtongMtong Forumite
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    Let bygones be bygones - life is short, we cannot see what will happen tomorrow.
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