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"Moving Around" PIP

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    poppy12345 wrote: »
    Once the form is received you'll need to return it within 1 month but you can ring to request an extra 14 days.
    Letters from GP's aren't the best evidence.

    Recorded delivery to return it ??
  • poppy12345poppy12345 Forumite
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    50Twuncle wrote: »
    Recorded delivery to return it ??
    No, in my opinion it's a complete waste of time and money.
    Next day delivery doesn't mean anything with DWP because all mail goes through the mail sorting office and someone from Royal mail signs for it. This means that it could be anyway and is not classed as being there until it's added to the computer, which can take 10 working days.

    Proof of posting is just as good and free and take the same amount of time to be added to the computer.
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    50Twuncle wrote: »
    How do they decide the distance that you are able to move in the PIP assessment ?
    Do they ask you to try to walk between two markers and time you with a stopwatch /?
    I understand that Dr's letters etc are ignored ......

    Hi, with me they rushed to the room you follow.

    When you get your report back, they have timed you for that walk and how far it was.

    IMO i thought walking inside didn't really count as its a lot different to walking outside. uneven pavements, kerbs etc.
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