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Saving Money Painting Warhammer

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Saving Money Painting Warhammer

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emperorsteveeemperorstevee Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Gaming MoneySaving
Hello everyone,

Last christmas, I received a Lord of the Rings Warhammer box set which I would not have otherwise been able to afford. I've nearly finished, but I destroyed the brushes that came with the set. The Games Workshop brushes are quite expensive, I was wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper non official brand of brushes that work just as well, preferably with similar size denominations? And any other money saving advice for painting and assembling my Warhammer would also be appreciated. I already use some incredibly cheap glue which works really well.


Thank you


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    ndf9876ndf9876 Forumite
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    It's a long shot but you could try Wilko - I bought a tiny brush set in there not long ago for painting plastic (not models - doing some decoration on bits and pieces for my wedding!).

    They weren't great quality BUT they did the job. I remember when I painted those Warhammer things and flogged them on eBay many years ago; the kit alone cost me a fortune so I appreciate your reluctance to pay GW prices (even though their brushes, assuming they're still the same quality, are top-notch).

    EDIT : This was what I bought, but if you are doing eyes or drybrushing faces \ armour they may be too big :
  • kangoorakangoora Forumite
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    Go to a good craft shop and they will have multiple ranges of brushes to choose from.

    I would suggest paying up for a couple of good quality fine brushes for detail work but you don't need to pay GW prices. Make sure you look after them properly - only put paint on the tip, clean and dry thoroughly after every use, stand them up with tip in the air when done etc (note do this with all brushes if you want them to last longer)

    For undercoating and painting large areas (like armour base) I would go for fairly cheap. Applying large areas of the same colour does not need an £6-8 brush!!

    For drybrushing pretty much as cheap as you can (within reason), it's only going to destroy the brush anyway over time.

    There are thousands of videos on Youtube on how to paint figures, even by Games Workshop. Take the GW ones with a pinch of salt because of course they are trying to brainwash you into buying GW paints/undercoats/brushes etc.

    If you look on youtube with the name of your army and add painting you'll pretty much find loads of people demonstrating painting techniques. You may have to watch a selection to arrive at someone you basically feel comfortable copying. A lot of these are done by professionals showcasing their skills to drum up business but over time you'll find a few you'll be happy with.

    A shout out for this guy, he's good & british and I've watched a lot of his videos :) He's got dozens of videos on tips and tricks, painting miniatures and on making terrain. He's also plain spoken, for example he says he only uses car primer to undercoat at £1/tin and demonstrates how to use them properly in one video. Also in another he demonstrates how to make a 1.5 L of wash for £3 instead of paying GW £4 for 24ml.

    One thing I always used to use for painted figures when I played was magnetic basing sheet glued to the bases (£10 would easily do an entire army) and carry your figures in a cheap metal toolbox you can grab from a carboot. The figures won't slide around and wreck them and you don't have to pay £50+ for a GW case (if bought new).

    Hope this helps, I stopped a long time ago but still remember the fun times.
  • LintonWLintonW Forumite
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    Rosemary brushes are sable and cheaper than alternatives. Can't remember the web site.
  • Invest in some of this:

    I swear by it for both Warhammer brushes and makeup/facepaint brushes.

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  • Andy_LAndy_L Forumite
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    The Range have a of windsor & newton brushes.

    Vallejo acrylic paints are very good. Slightly cheaper than GW and also slightly bigger pots
  • Andy_LAndy_L Forumite
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    And any other money saving advice for painting and assembling my Warhammer would also be appreciated.

    Don't buy GW figures. Plenty of other manufactures sell figures

    If you go down this route, AIUI, you won't be able to play in officially sanctioned GW games but you will save a lot of money
  • I normally travel to a model shop every month or so to stock up on paints and brushes as you will find them much cheaper than in a GW store. The shop I go to sells brushes for as cheap as 85p which are great for undercoating and dry brushing.
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